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"Francis, go and rebuild my Church,
which you can see has fallen into ruin."

Just as Saint Francis obeyed God's command to rebuild the
spiritual and moral foundations of His Church, Pope
Francis immediately exhorted his world-weary brethren:

"When we do not confess Jesus Christ, we confess the
worldliness of the devil. When we confess a Christ without
the Cross ... we are worldly, we are bishops, priests,
cardinals, popes, but not disciples of the Lord!"

A unique case-study of that "worldliness" and
its devastating consequences can be found in

Death of a Catholic Parish

You can now read this tragic tale of our times at

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Use this evangelical tool to educate the ignorant,
rouse the lukewarm, and confirm the Faith


Book Cover
Adapted to English by MICHAEL McGRADE
Quality cloth sewn hard-back, pp.150, ISBN 1901157768
Available post free for 14.95 UK; 15.95 Ireland/Europe; 17.95 elsewhere. (Cheques payable to "Christian Order".)

     McGrade's 'sequel' to Death of a Catholic Parish:The Benalla Experiment. is a surprising and fascinating choice: a simple, engaging combination of short story and biography which unveils one of the best kept secrets of Catholic Europe.
     Few English-speaking Catholics would have even heard of those two extraordinary instruments of Divine Providence, Nicholas and Dorothy von Flue. Fewer still would know that this fifteenth century Swiss couple united a nation and in so doing, at the eleventh hour, surely saved Western Europe from the entrenchment of a fratricidal enclave to rival the Balkans.
     Set in disturbingly familiar pre-Reformation times - when the Church and society at large were in the sort of constant tumult which spurred McGrade to document the pre-millennial Benalla tragedy - the story of St. Nicholas von Flue and his spouse Dorothy is above all one of faith and virtue rooted in Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, as miraculously personified by Nicholas himself. It is about the fruits of peace and humility reserved for those who persevere in their obedience to God and His Law, through His Holy Catholic Church. Ultimately, it poses the only genuine solution to the alienation, divisions and social crises currently draining the joy of life from Western societies.
Nicholas and Dorothy von Flue bear a timely message for our tormented age.


Read Death of a Catholic Parish and learn how a thriving Catholic parish:

  • Was divided against itself

  • Its Mass attendances halved

  • Its beautiful church defaced

  • Its liturgy debased

Death of a Catholic Parish

Michael McGrade

It issues a warning and prepares you to combat destructive elements in the Church today.

Extensive extracts available here:

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