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October 2017

Trump Watch ...

Charlottesville as "Process"


Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right.

- 1984


How often Orwell lays bare the totalitarian trajectory of our self-satisfied 'democratic' times. To read him is to cut to the chase; to bypass the mainstream media narrative constructed on lies and half-truths, and see the cruel, oppressive, suicidal post-Christian reality for what it is.

And so it was when the media launched its biggest Fake News-story of the summer.

As part of its rabid campaign to oust President Trump by decrying and falsifying every single thing he says or does, the MSM turned yet another non-event — his perfectly acceptable response to a contrived riot in Charlottesville, Virginia — into a major international incident.

After a judicially-sanctioned Unite the Right rally in defence of an historical monument was disrupted and attacked by the hard-left, the President stated that "both sides" were at fault in Charlottesville and "many sides" around the country contributed to such violence. Since the left incites 90% of the current mob violence nationwide, the call for calm on all sides was restrained and presidential.

And yet the prejudicial media — led by the three major TV networks whose coverage of his response was shown by a Media Research Center study to be 97% negative— immediately labelled it "inadequate" and "weak," seeking to portray Trump as sympathetic to white supremacists who attended the rally!

Their neo-Nazi narrative crumbles before the illuminating passage above, however, which gets to the heart of the matter. For, beyond simply removing Trump from office, shutting down free speech and censoring anything they dislike, the essence of Charlottesville was and is the said Orwellian process: the effacement of America's history, memory, and national identity by theMarcusian fascist left — "continuing day by day and minute by minute" — until "nothing exists" except that decreed by the elites and their murderous mobs.

The Real News

Having accepted the Trump-Russia collusion fantasy at face value, clueless hordes worldwide have now fallen for this Trump-Charlottesville beat up. Why? Because they digest the MSM party line uncritically. They do not look up online news sources featuring on-the-spot reports and raw video footage presented by independent citizen journalists.

Among much else, these reports and videos reveal how the police, instead of protecting the marchers as they promised, forced them (under pain of arrest) to run the gauntlet of violent Soros-funded thugs. Police also admitted being ordered to stand aside and let the violence erupt, and that it was all a set up to entrap the "white nationalists" (the great majority of whom were simply anti-globalist patriots).

Present at Charlottesville to record and testify to all of this were, for example, reporter Millie Weaver and her cameraman Gavin Wince (who himself was painfully pepper-sprayed by a Soros rioter, as police looked on, laughing). While most agitators on the left are dupes, having braved many similar riots this past year, the pair confirmed to Alex Jones of Infowars that the hard core (as in Britain and elsewhere), are professional criminals:

GAVIN WINCE: The more times we show up at these [events], the more footage we get, the more we realise it's the same people over and over again getting bussed in. It doesn't matter if we're in Texas, Ohio, Virginia, we're literally seeing the same players at each of these on both sides. We even have a video footage of people on the left, and the right, admitting that they're paid agitators; professional protestors going to these things, to help the Establishment [push] it into exactly the direction they want. And that's basically what's going on.

ALEX JONES: You have the footage of the right wing and the left wing, it's the same people, it's all actors, basically.

GAVIN WINCE: And then you have individuals like [Princeton University Professor] Cornel West [founder of Black Lives Matter], who, you know, forever, I thought was a peaceful activist for African Americans, I [now] find out that what he's doing with others, is they use the veil of 'peace' to co-ordinate with the violent agitators. ...

MILLIE WEAVER: The 'peaceful' ones who were singing and in church choir outfits with Cornel West, they were linked arm-in-arm, so that when [Soros-funded] "Antifa" attacked the Unite the Right rally attendees who were out on the street, when they tried to run back to where the medical area was, they were arm-in-arm blocking them from being able to do so, so Antifa could continue to fight them. The Unite the Right rally people had to actually push through and bulldoze through those people. And then they ['peaceful' protestors] can go 'woe is me, they ran through me or tackled me.' You think it's peaceful, but these were groups who were organised.

ALEX JONES: Trump says, I decry all hate, let's come together, let's love each other, we need to investigate this, and there were both sides coming to fight. It's totally true. A couple of hundred folks on the white nationalist side, most of them are reporters covering it like you. You're being attacked. We've got endless videos on It's all for listeners and viewers to appreciate the footage, the raw hours of footage that you and Gavin shot, that was so dangerous for you, to see the proof.

Those who bothered to access such independent reporting quickly realised that, as ever, MSM reportage was all about projection and distraction. Firstly, projecting the far greater sins of the fascist left onto the miniscule fascist right. Secondly, using the antiquated spectre of "white supremacy" to distract attention from the equally passé notion of "white privilege" being used as a pretext: to demonise, injure, and murder patriotic Americans who defend the country's history, traditions, and Christian roots.

Coup, Impeachment, or Civil War

Clearly, the staging and shameless misrepresentation of Charlottesville is the latest stitch-up by Deep State saboteurs who continue to wreak havoc in their war on Trump.

In a Newsmax report of 22 August, noted political scribe Ed Klein relates that Jeff Sessions, the normally soft-spoken (pro-life) Attorney General, "recently read his top staff the riot act about the actions of disloyal employees who are sabotaging Justice Department work." He slammed his hand on his desk during a meeting and declared, "I want these people behind bars!"

Klein explained that most of these subversives are holdovers from the regimes of former Obama Attorney Generals, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch — both of whom, by the way, should themselves be in jail for their multiple crimes in high office. Notoriously corrupt, Holder is the first cabinet member in U.S. history to be held in criminal contempt of Congress (for his cover-up of the sale of thousands of high-powered guns to Mexican drug cartels). Is it any wonder, therefore, that entrenched Lynch-Holder personnel are running rampant. Klein elaborates:

They've been stealing files and shredding documents in an effort to impede Justice Department investigations of sanctuary cities [that protect illegal immigrants] and violent leftwing groups.

"In the past, there were incidents when anti-Vietnam war employees tried to destroy evidence against draft dodgers," the Justice Department source said. "But those were isolated incidents, and the perpetrators were quickly prosecuted and dismissed.  But what's happening now at the Justice Department is a plague," the source continued. "Employees with access to secure government files have been deleting computer files and destroying evidence."

Many of the disloyal employees are protected by their supervisors, who are part of the resistance movement against President Trump. What's more, even if the saboteurs are found, Jeff Sessions may have trouble getting rid of them.

This treachery explains why Soros and his neo-Nazi street gangs are able to set America ablaze without fear of prosecution.

Yet Justice Department bureaucrats are only part of it. Deep State operatives also include politicians, judges, law enforcement, spooks, and Generals like H. R. McMaster (who have convinced President Trump to break his campaign promise to extract America from foreign entanglements).

In that context, Charlottesville is just their latest self-serving effort to brand fair-minded patriots and truth-telling alternative media outlets with the swastika. Never mind that in America, as one CO reader suggested derisively, "there are probably a dozen Nazis in the entire country, half of whom are probably undercover FBI!"

It would be hilarious if only this media-fed paranoia were not so dangerous for Trump supporters, triggering violent reactions against them. "Why would James Hodgkinson not get a list of Republican leaders, go to the ballfield where the GOP baseball team was practicing and shoot 50-100 rounds against the party supporting Nazis?" asked one journalist, referencing the gunman who, last June at a Virginia baseball field, shot several Republicans, including pro-life congressman Steve Scalise.

Through guilt by (non-existent) association, the smear campaign also pressures Donald Trump into distancing himself from the sort of independent-minded anti-globalist advisers he sorely needs, and his voter-base demands.

Impatient to resume their rudely interrupted New World Order project, if the Deep State cannot manage to unseat Trump by false pretences, their divide-and-conquer ruse will be ramped up still further, pushing America towards a fratricidal tipping point.

After all, George Soros has already spent over $1 billion funding extreme groups like the two behind the deadly strife in Charlottesville: Black Lives Matter (except for pre-born black lives, of course), and Antifa (the Anti-Fascist Alliance; an oxymoronic fascist outfit recently declared a "domestic terrorist organisation" by the Department of Homeland Security).

Soros has forced regime change in other countries by similar violent means, via groups like the Ukraine's murderous neo-Nazi Svoboda. Unlike white supremacists in KKK fancy dress, Svoboda has real political power, and exercised it with the blessing of the Obama administration and the public support of the dismal John McCain — without a media murmur about presidential and Congressional fascism on the left!

Press propaganda and cover-ups, and suppression of dissident voices are further hallmarks of the Soros process now at full throttle in America, where those involved in the Ukrainian overthrow orchestrated by Soros-funded NGOs are reported to be working behind the scenes to oust President Trump. "Blood and soil" chants, tiki flame torches, and other aspects of American riots also mirror those in the Ukraine.

In sum, we are witnessing a long-term plan in which the same players deeply involved in homicidal coups abroad — the Bushes, Clinton, Obama, McCain, the CIA, the media, Soros, et. al. — are conspiring against patriotic Americans. And, as Lee Stranahan, Breitbart's former lead investigative reporter explained to Infowars, these conspirators "win no matter what they do":

Are they trying to get a coup? I think clearly they are. But if they can't get a coup, they'll settle for impeachment. And if they can't get impeachment, they'll settle for smearing Trump and his supporters so much, that they're able to elect another elitist. 

... And the media is clearly part of it. This is why it's so important that sites like Infowars, and [their] audiences report factual stuff, and tell their friends and neighbours about it, because the media's never going to tell them about this stuff. I appreciate [Infowars] staying strong through all of this because, as everybody knows, there's a lot of pressure on people. Jake Tapper [CNN] called for me to be investigated by the FBI on Friday, and my entire YouTube account was terminated this weekend.

Where will it all end?

Speaking on 18 August, radio talkshow host Rush Limbaugh, voiced the fears of many when he said the United States may be "on the cusp of a second civil war" following the Charlottesville riot. "America is under attack from within," he said, and it is being financed by "people from outside America, in addition to inside."

“The revision/perversion of American history (such as the targetted destruction of Charlottesville's statue of Confederate hero General Robert E. Lee that the small Unite the Right rally wished to protect), is essential to the aim of "international financiers to literally erase the United States as a powerful or super-powerful nation. If you're gonna defend the United States of America," Limbaugh explained, "you have to know unequivocally and proudly the United States' place in history. And that is why erasing and distorting our history is crucial for the left to succeed."

The Real Threat

Best-selling author David Horowitz, a former hard-left Jewish activist, also spoke to the truth of the matter. He castigated spineless Republicans who are happily sucked into the "ludicrous and ridiculous... charade... to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump," explaining in a Newsmax TV interview of 7 August that

If there's a serious fascist movement in America, it's the left. They're the ones who go around to cities picking fights, violence — they want to shut up other people. Even these alt-right [extreme right] clowns [at Charlottesville] were not about shutting up the opposition and suppressing it. One fascism in America, it's coming from the left — with the support of the Democratic Party I should say. That's the reality.

You have a vicious, lying media which will seize on any fragment of his [Trump's]. If he gives out a statement, they'll look for the one point that they can twist and use to attack him. One of the reasons they have some credibility is because there are all these idiot Republicans and conservatives who join in. Everybody wants to feel good about themselves: 'Yeah, I'm anti-Nazi, neo-Nazi, I'm anti-white supremacy.'

Well who isn't, except for a bunch of marginal bozos? ... This hysteria over white supremacy and Nazism: You know we defeated the Nazis 70 years ago? And we ended slavery 150 years ago. There's no threat from white supremacists or Nazis, neo-Nazis. These are marginal groups.

Actual racist hate groups are so small, said Horowitz, they could never be as harmful to the U.S. as the army on the left: "[If] any leftist group calls a national demonstration they're going to get 10,000 or 100,000 people – that's where the threat is."

That the "vicious lying media" ignores the dominance of the Left to push instead an absurd neo-Nazi/Klansman narrative, reflects the influence of 1960s Berkeley professor, Herbert Marcuse. A member of the corrosive Frankfurt School of cultural Marxists, Marcuse urged the Left to adopt Nazi tactics: namely, to use intimidation, repression and Goebbels-style propaganda to force everyone they deemed fascist into lockstep with Leftist ideology. And since anyone who disagrees with the Left is labelled fascist, only the Left is anti-fascist and, therefore, worthy of being tolerated and heard. Effectively, it all boils down to two slogans:

'No Free Speech for Fascists'.

'No Fascists on the Left'

This is how Marcusian media propagandists justify their censorship and smearing of conservatives. It is also their warped rationale for playing down Antifa ever since they first disrupted Trump's 2016 campaign rallies.

These same masked criminals gatecrashed the legal rally in Charlottesville and attacked the 500 marchers with baseball bats, pepper spray, and bags full of faeces, urine, and chemicals that burned the skin. Why did they not dominate the headlines?

Orindeed the police, who facilitated the attacks? Charlottesville's law enforcement "first responders," who outnumbered the small band of marchers by 2 to 1, were ordered to stand down even as the innocent were bashed in front of them. The MSM ignored all this (just as they failed to report and investigate why police idly looked on as the same criminals wreaked havoc during the presidential inauguration last January).

The untold story, therefore, was one of criminal negligence, which saw three lives snuffed out and nineteen others injured. But the man responsible, the city's Democratic mayor, Michael Signer, was not called to account. He is doubtless protected by the Deep State because he has long declared his aspiration for Charlottesville to become the "Capital of the [anti-Trump] Resistance." To that end, he proclaimed that illegal immigrants would not be arrested in the city; demonstrating the same contempt for the rule of law as his subversive allies in the Justice Department.

Virtue-signalling cowards

Unlike the Establishment, President Trump was not prepared to bow to the mendacious MSM and its "white supremacist" hysteria. As one journalist pointed out: at his 15 August press conference, under intense pressure from the media and his advisors, Trump "spontaneously reverted to the truth." Another scribe, Donald Devine of The American Spectator, wrote: "Against them all, he insisted that the violence in Charlottesville came from both sides — which of course it did." Devine went on:

While he is often careless with the precise truth, Mr. Trump speaks his truth perhaps more than any recent politician. Any clever politician knows he must shade the truth to survive politically. Political wisdom teaches politicians to “stay on message” but that is precisely what Donald Trump so dislikes about politics.

Trump cannot help himself. He hates political correctness and sees it as his mission to tell the truth (as he understands it anyway, down deep somewhere).

As already noted, since some of the rally attendees were neo-Nazis and KKK (who were armed either maliciously or to defend themselves) the President did not lay the blame squarely on the Antifa Brownshirts. He also added, just as fairly and accurately, that there were good people caught up in the violence.

Instead of relating all this impartially, the MSM distorted the facts of the rally itself, then totally misrepresented the truthful presidential statement as a defence of "'good' Nazis."

Amid the spurious firestorm thus created, 'conservative' politicians the world over (to include Teresa May and other spineless Tories) joined the American rush to condemn Trump's 'inappropriate' response, vaunt their 'anti-racist' credentials, and the truth about Charlottesville be damned.

Just as cowardly and equally desperate to avoid media opprobrium, local community and business leaders also lambasted and distanced themselves from a President insufficiently servile to the PC Commissars. Shameless virtue-signalling took precedence over objectivity, truth, and the national interest, as Trump was forced to disband important strategic and policy forums, as well as a planned council of outside advisers on infrastructure.

Risible but illustrative

At its most basic level, Charlottesville is just another risible beat up. Yet it illustrated once again the stratospheric duplicity of Trump's enemies.

Most hypocritical of all was the "dialogue" mantra duly trotted out post-Charlottesville by the usual suspects.

Forever touted by the left since Lenin, modern-day Alinskyite socialists like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama use talk of civil discussion as an empty ruse. A cynical case in point was Crooked Hillary's cringing campaign ploy to "start a conversation" with America because "White Americans need to do a better job of listening [to] African Americans"! This from a pitiless autocrat who forever exploits the black vote, all the while villifying "niggers" (and Jews) in expletive-laden rants behind the scenes.

Like Lenin and Alinsky, far from dialogue and listening, fomenting conflict and violence remains the modus operandi of their latter-day disciples. Thus, anyone who supports Donald Trump or doesn't condemn him with sufficient ferocity becomes a legitimate target: a neo-Nazi with no right to be heard or considered.

Charlottesville demonstrated the enduring power of this methodology, which stokes the violence that the disingenuous Left then claims to deplore: using either a media megaphone or a whisper, depending on who's on the receiving end.

Recently, an anti-Trump fanatic shot dead a Republican county committeeman in front of his wife. Where was the media outrage? Or that of Barack Obama when white-hater Micah Johnson shot dead five policemen during a 2016 Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas?

The muted reaction to tragedies of that sort reflects their perverse Marcusian satisfaction whenever 'fascists' get their comeuppance.

As for the enmity of the bi-partisan Swamp, the Never-Trump Republicans — those who strove to destroy his presidential aspirations from the outset — have jumped aboard the Charlottesville PC Express with relish. If these vile creatures are not voted out of office by Trump supporters during mid-term elections, the promise of vital parts of his programme will be very short-lived. Conservatives-of-convenience, they are crowing over the recent departure of Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon. But they might rue the day. As indomitable and brave as Trump himself (and just as flawed), Bannon has promised to return to his powerful online pulpit, Breitbart News, and "go to war" against the President's opposition.

Restoring Christian Discourse

The future hangs in the balance.

On the one hand, the left continue to ramp up their "process" of remaking America on the basis of anything but the Ten Commandments of the one true God of the Christians who built the country.

On the other, beyond the fake headlines, out among the "deplorables," the President is leaving his enemies behind. Whatever 'popularity polls' may trumpet, his grassroots funding speaks loudest: $90 million already raised this year (— far more than the shambolic Democrats).

Optimism must be tempered by realism, however. Derailing advanced Orwellian designs is one thing; destroying them quite another.

After the fashion of America's second president, John Adams, Dr. Chojnowski rightly reminds us herein that states cannot function justly without Godly and God-fearing peoples. Only a return to the Christian social order God intended, as set forth by His Teaching Church and St. Thomas Aquinas, and lived out by Catholics, will bring definitive change —replacing criminal self-interest with the Christiancommon good as the purpose and goal of political life; restoring all things in Christ.

The bedrock truths articulated by Dr. Chojnowski are indispensable. At the same time, his frustration that the rotten Neocon Establishment remains largely in place, while also perfectly true, is hardly down to Donald Trump. Even Gabriel García Moreno, the mercurial Catholic President of Ecuador, could not have eradicated the endemically corrupt status quo bequeathed to Trump, in just six months!

The seditious Washington Swamp and the corporate media are arrayed against Donald Trump as one — blocking his agenda, ignoring his achievements, questioning his "stability" and "competence”. That he has survived even this long is remarkable. To have made a serious start on impeding or rolling back many globalist designs in that short time, is incredible.

Furthermore, as a Christian presence in the public square, this most unlikely champion has done us proud. The former playboy's rousing speech in Warsaw last July — repeatedly paying homage to God and Christian civilisation — was indicative of the Christian discourse he has dared to reintroduce in a bold and manifestly sincere way. (In a virulently anti-Christian climate, such talk is not cheap.)

It seems only fair, therefore, to preface the necessary and educative Chojnowski article with this extract from an address by President Trump to the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference, held in Washington on 8 June. It is typical of the Godly tenor of speeches that the toxic media ignores, glosses over, or presents as fearful evidence of a goose-stepping dictator on the rampage:

Bureaucrats think they can run over your lives, overrule your values and tell you how to live, but we know that families and churches – not government officials know best how to create a strong and loving community. We know that parents, not bureaucrats know best how to raise children and create a thriving society, and above all else, we know this: In America, we don’t worship government. We worship God.

No federal worker should be censoring sermons or targeting pastors. These are the people we want to hear from them. How about the people we do hear from every night on television. You want to hear from them? I don’t think so.

School should not be a place that drives out faith and religion. [Instead], they should welcome faith and religion with wide open, beautiful arms.

Faith inspires us to be better, to be stronger, to be more caring and giving and more determined to act in selfless and courageous defense of what is good and what is right. 

It is time to put a stop to the attacks on religion. We will end the discrimination against people of faith. Our government will once again celebrate and protect religious freedom.

Our rights are given to us by a divine authority, and no earthly force can ever take those rights away. That is why my administration is taking power out of Washington and giving it back to the people where it belongs. For too long, politicians have tried to centralise authority among the hands of a small few in our nation’s capital.

Little wonder the Swamp Creatures want him gone!  



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