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October 2015

Thanks to Renew America, where this (sadly) fictional piece was posted on 28 May 2015. The renowned investigative journalist and pro-life leader writes: "Although Pope Francis is not mentioned by name in this article, I trust the reader is more than capable of filling in the blanks." Slightly adapted. Our title.

Impero Popule

The Encyclical of Our Dreams!


Please note that while this report on the Vatican press conference of 7 June 2015, announcing the unveiling of a secret encyclical on population control, is pure fiction, the arguments and data presented in the article are accurate.

Unfortunately, at this juncture of his pontificate, Francis is fully committed to the Environmental Movement, a spawn of the so-called New World Order.

Nevertheless, I think there is merit in publicly reminding the reigning pontiff of his duty to proclaim and uphold the truths the Church teaches, especially truths regarding the salvation of souls, and the protection of innocent human life and the human family from the relentless attacks of Neo-Malthusianism.

In addition, I believe there is also much merit in constantly reminding ourselves of the necessity of continued resistance to the so-called New World Order by Catholics and all men of goodwill, even if Pope Francis and a majority of the Catholic hierarchy refuse to do so.

* * *

Pope Unveils Secret Encyclical
Impero Popule – The Dangers of Neo-Malthusianism in
An Era of Heavily Aging Populations.

Vatican City, Pope Paul VI Auditorium [New Engel Information Services], 7 June 2015

In a stunning reversal of the Pope's widely anticipated encyclical on the environment and climate change backing the United Nations Agenda 21 and the Sustainable and Millennium Development Goals, the Roman Catholic leader of the word's 1.2 billion Catholics today unveiled his secret encyclical Impero Popule – On the Dangers of Neo-Malthusianism in An Era of Heavily Aging Populations."

The term "impero popule" is Latin for population control defined in the encyclical as

"the control by the State or the supra State, or international agencies, over all aspects of human existence especially with regard to the quantity and quality of a given population especially through the promotion of mass induced abortion, sterilization, euthanasia, sodomy, and human embryos production."

The opening of the lengthy encyclical sets the theme for Impero Popule:

"Any consideration of protecting man's environment must begin with a universal commitment to the protection of man's first environment – the womb – made all the more sacred by the metaphysical reality that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, God/Man, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity who came into the world to save man from sin, chose to make His first abode in the virgin womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary."

In a lengthy statement to more than five thousand reporters from all over the world gathered in the Pope Paul VI Hall, the Holy Father explained that while the issues surrounding the earth's physical environment have an important place in public discourse which he intends to address in a later statement, his primary and immediate concern is for the spiritual and eternal welfare of mankind, especially for the household of the Faithful. Hence the necessity of a long-overdue encyclical on the dangers inherent in so-called "population control" or "Neo-Malthusianism" – "dangers which pose a greater threat to humanity than any physical environmental problem man faces."

Green propaganda in perspective

The Holy Father cited some popular dogmas, catch phrases and slogans of the Environmental Movement connected with climate change and fossil fuel emissions, which he admitted he was guilty in the past of parroting, including:

• Climate change is the greatest threat to the human family.
• The care and protection of the environment is a sacred duty.
• Climate change represents the ultimate humanitarian crisis.
• Destruction of the environment is not a private matter but a concern of every responsible citizen.
• Climate change calls for a moral revolution.
• "Sustainable Development," a/k/a population control, and "Reproductive Rights," a/k/a abortion, are the foundation stones of any action plans to save the environment.

"But when compared, by any rational measure or standard to the immediate and long-term dangers posed to humanity by Neo-Malthusianism, these 'green' propaganda catchwords and phrases fade into oblivion," the pope said.

"In every society which calls itself civilized, the mother's womb should be one of the safest places in the world for the unborn child," the pontiff said. "Mother Nature, the Vicar General of God, does her best to protect the growing child in the womb, but she is helpless against the invasion of man's first habitat by the abortionist's weapons of mass destruction including scalpels, curettes, suction apparatus, intrauterine devices, prostaglandins and other abortive chemicals, drugs and devices which renders the womb a tomb.

"In an era where man's rights hold the highest regards, Catholics need to be first and foremost concerned with God's rights and with man's obligation to his Creator," the pope said. "Metaphysically speaking, the Catholic Church has always viewed abortion with a special horror not only because it destroys the unborn child physically but because unborn children go to their death unbaptized."

Neo-Malthusianism: genocide and eugenics as public policy

Turning to the use of abortion as a means of population control, the Holy Father said:

"While induced abortion is almost always framed for public consumption in terms of a woman's 'reproductive right,' the true motivation behind the promotion of the baby-killing practise by the Neo-Malthusian elite is population reduction, especially of the poor.

"How safe is the unborn child today when at least one in five will meet with premeditated death before they draw their first breath?" he asked the reporters.

"World-wide statistics on induced surgical abortion, generally grossly underreported by the very nature of the crime, indicate that the Neo-Malthusian death toll is running at more than forty million induced surgical abortions a year. That's more than sixty billion human beings who have been destroyed over the last half century since lethal abortion has been legalized," the pope said.

"To these horrific stats, one must add the billions of unborn children whose early journey to their nesting place in their mother's womb is cut short by abortifacient drugs and devices, and the millions of human embryos created outside the womb and stored in frozen concentration cans in fertility laboratories or those created solely for scientific research and experimentation and ultimate destruction. The harsh truth is that, today, the unborn child has less protection than most laboratory animals and household pets.

"When we compare the world-wide human carnage wrought by the Neo-Malthusian Movement to the casualty rate of the Bubonic Plague which ravaged Europe in the Middle Ages and claimed the lives of twenty million people – more than any known pandemic, natural disaster or war up to that time with the exception of the great Flood recorded in Genesis – we can begin to understand the extent of damage to humanity over the last fifty-years.

"Remember it took Europe more than one hundred and fifty years to recover from the Black Death. How long, if ever, will it take our developing nations to recover from the ravages of generations of wilful Neo-Malthusianism as public policy? In any case, the unborn child murdered by the death peddlers cannot be brought back to an earthly life no matter the degree or sincerity of personal or societal regrets," the pope reminded the reporters at the Paul VI Auditorium.

War on Poverty as War on the Unborn

Turning to the issue of poverty and the poor, a subject which has always been close to the pope's heart, the Holy Father said that many leaders of the Environment Movement have claimed that the poor and indigent suffer the most from environmental ills.

"How is it then that in their zeal to help the poor end greenhouse gas emissions, they never suggest much less act upon the belief that there should be a universal campaign to end lethal abortions as well as coercive population policies and programs of sterilization and birth control experiments which deliberately target the poor? If the Neo-Malthusian was truly interested in helping the poor, why would he not begin by stopping the killing of their unborn children?" the pope asked. "Why has the just war against universal poverty been turned into an unjust war against the poor and their children?"

Referring to a May 2015 interview by his fellow Argentinian Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo who heads the Vatican's Pontifical Academies for Science and Social Sciences, the pope said he needed to publicly correct the bishop's statement that "The climate crisis leads to poverty and poverty leads to new forms of slavery and forced migration, and drugs, and all this can also lead to abortion."

"Neo-Malthusianism programs and policies funded by governments, international agencies and private foundations including the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the World Bank are generated from the top down, imposed by the wealthy and powerful of the elite of the so-called New World Order, and are not related to climate change or any other environmental concern," the pope said. "There are those who see environmental issues as a matter of social justice, yet refuse to see the grave injustice of abortion in which the innocent unborn child is condemned to death without a trial, without a jury, with no appeal and no stay of execution."

"Pope declares war on New World Order"

Noting that he wanted to leave plenty of time to answer questions from the press and television and social media, the elderly pontiff went on to explain that one of the major repercussions of government-sponsored population control programs was the alarming rise in euthanasia (mislabelled mercy killing/assisted suicide) in industrial and technologically advanced nations – euthanasia defined as the deliberate and legalized killing of the aged, the infirmed and the handicapped."

"It shouldn't come as any surprise," the pope said, "that the physician who practises the lucrative trade of killing the youngest of our kin, should extend his enthusiasm and skill to the killing of the elderly, the ill and the handicapped and other 'useless eaters,' as the Nazis labelled them. The massive reduction of a viable work force necessary to support a viable social security system for the retired and disabled, produced by repeated Demographic Winters, has increased societal pressures to reduce the population at the other end of the age spectrum, that is the aged and infirmed," the pontiff charged.

In his concluding remarks on the encyclical Impero Popule, the Holy Father stated that the World View of both the Neo-Malthusian and his New World Order masters is grounded in a pantheistic Gnosticism – Gnosticism being the perennial enemy of the Church from the beginning, and a plague on mankind for many centuries before that. "It stands in direct opposition to the Catholic World View and Catholicism's religious dogmas and morality."

"It is my hope that this encyclical will serve as a blueprint for deliberation and the development of a Plan of Action at the upcoming Synod on the Family this fall," the pope said.

"It is unfortunate that the universal threat of Neo-Malthusianism to the family was not on the original Synod agenda. That omission will be corrected. I have instructed the Secretary General of the Synod to give the issue of population control a place of prominence on the Synod agenda as the universal bulwark of society against totalitarianism in all its form has always been the family."

"For the media which is always interested in sound bites, let me offer you a summary of the contents of Impero Popule," the Holy Father concluded with a tired smile, before taking a few minutes off to rest and enjoy a drink of water in anticipation of a long and gruelling questioning from the press: "Pope Declares War on Neo-Malthusianism and the New World Order."

One news reporter from the conference later wrote: "For several minutes after the Holy Father completed his discourse on his new encyclical there was stunned silence in the vast auditorium. Then the applause from the reporters began. Quietly at first, but building up to a great crescendo of applause which lasted for more than a half-hour. Every reporter in attendance, believer or not, knew he had just been a witness to one of the greatest moments in the history of the Catholic Church."

© Randy Engel



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