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October 2014

After retired "Archbishop" of Canterbury Lord Carey voiced his support for assisted suicide, retired "Archbishop" Desmond Tutu predictably followed suit. South African pro-life veteran Dr Claude Newbury sent this pointed clarification to a friend:

Letter to a Priest

Dear Father,

Herewith Tutu's support for euthanasia as published in Sunday 13 July 2014. I have copied it and made it into a Word attachment and below you will find some information about Tutu and some thoughts of mine about some agents of the moral sewer we are now forced to live in.

Tutu unhesitatingly supports abortion and predominantly abortifacient birth-control and he now throws his moral lot in with the mercy killers. Obviously, timing his support for Carey – a previous Archbishop of Canterbury — who has now come out in favour of “mercy killing” aka, “euthanasia” in the UK. Clearly Tutu hopes to gain maximal strategic impact in keeping his own prestigious image embedded in the public retina and his name reverberating around the communal world’s auditory apparatus.

Tutu has been a loyal emissary of the Culture of Death over a period of many years and so his present support for mercy killing in the UK and in South Africa is fully consistent with his thinking and with the lethal theological miasma that was spawned at Lambeth Palace in 1930.

Tutu endorsed and supported the western world's most liberal abortion law, namely South Africa's “Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act” in 1996. This law initiated and sustains South Africa's ongoing silent abortion holocaust. I estimate that about 5 million unborn children have been murdered in South Africa as a result of Nelson Mandela forcing this brutal law through our Parliament. Obviously the vast majority of these aborted babies were black. Mandela’s claim to love babies and children springs revoltingly to mind. Travellers on South African Airways flights are asked to contribute generously to “Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund.”

Some results to hand. The South African Apartheid State, 69 killed by police gunfire at Sharpeville. The ANC/SACP/Cosatu Alliance State, 5 million helpless defenceless children murdered by family planning doctors and nurses in every part of South Africa. An overwhelming victory for Mandela and his alliance of the African National Congress, South African Communist Party, and Congress of South African Trade Unions.

Tutu in this article talks about the last days of his friend Mandela but does not tell us how Mandela was treated or how he really thinks Mandela should have been treated. Perhaps only a modest dose of Cyclon B would have been useful in ending his friend’s suffering? 

Mandela threatening to expel from Parliament, any member of the ANC/Cosatu/SACP Alliance who voted against the passage of the abortion law in 1996.

You may recall the role played by Fr. Smangaliso Mkhatshwa, former Secretary General of the South African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC) as Whip of the ANC/Cosatu/SACP Alliance. Mkhatshwa shepherded the law through three sham Parliamentary Hearings on abortion, ignored all surveys of public opinion which overwhelmingly rejected abortion and discarded the largest ever petition in S A's history — 300,000 signatures — which Pro-Life submitted in response to the ANC's deceitful request for
public opinion.

For the final vote on the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Bill, Mkhatshwa stepped out of the voting chamber to refresh himself with a really nice hot cup of tea. Accordingly, his enduring support for the murder of the unborn could not be officially recorded in Hansard. Mkhatshwa is now still a Catholic priest in good standing. No latae sententiae excommunication for Fr. Smangaliso?

Tutu, the jovial “Clown Prince of the Anglican Church,” as he is affectionately known, also promoted all forms of birth control — most of which are regularly abortifacient — gave his support to the South African Family Planning Association — a founding member of the diabolical International Planned Parenthood Federation — and frequently ridiculed the position of the Catholic Church on this issue. On one more notable occasion, when preaching in 1984 from the pulpit of Canterbury Cathedral just after he got the Nobel Peace Prize, Tutu jokingly ridiculed the Pope. His sexually laden “joke,” also insulted his wife Leah, and was, according to the newspaper reports at the time, greeted by “gales of laughter” from the packed congregation. 

During the early 90's (I’m sorry I can’t be precise about the date because for the moment I am unable to find my notes and tape recording of the meeting) Tutu while giving his unconditional support for population control —  and at that time for the Apartheid Government’s population control program, euphemistically called “The Population Development Program” — attacked the Catholic Church and Pro-Life by name in my presence, in the packed auditorium of the University of the Witwatersrand Medical School. This was during a Regional Symposium on population control which featured Tutu as a speaker. Fr. Hyacinth Ennis OFM, and Pat McGregor then employed in the SACBC Natural Family Planning section, were also present.

Tutu’s hatred of Apartheid clearly did not extend to the Apartheid Government’s despicable population control program which was intended to prevent the growth of the Black, Coloured and Indian populations by means of so called “contraception.” Wicked as the Apartheid Government was, it did not allow the wholesale slaughter of unborn children, of all colours, or to use Tutu’s favourite saying, “The Rainbow People of God,” by legalised abortion on demand. I note that his Rainbow theme is also displayed in the battle flag of militant homosexuality — behaviour which Tutu has endorsed and also felt free to criticise the Catholic Church on this matter. Long spectral shadows from Lambeth in 1930, faithfully reside inside “Rainbow” Tutu’s brain.  

Adolph come back home, all is forgiven! Perhaps you too would nowadays have a Nobel Prize, and lots of Honorary Doctorates, many from world famous Catholic Universities, for all that you previously did for the cause of population control and for Gaia, Moloch and Kali. Womens Rights - embodying the killing of the unborn, Reproductive Rights — embodying the eradication of human foetuses, Sexual Freedom — incorporating worse than bestial sexual behaviour and reliance on the murder of 'contraceptive failures.' Naturally your interventions to prevent Global Warming by getting rid of warm humanity, are all now very much part of modern civilisation. Clearly you would also greatly benefit the work of Greenpeace, Amnesty International, the United Nations Family Planning Fund, the UN Environmental Fund, UNICEF and the United Nations Women’s Organisation.

You would now be fully at home, as far as mass murder is concerned, all around the world. However I must advise you that President Obama, former president Clinton, and the People's Republic of China, share so much of your ideology, and in striving to emulate your initiatives in population reduction and the elimination of foetal tissue, the handicapped, undesirables, useless eaters and oxygen wasters, they have now far surpassed you in mass murder. Quite a blow to your ego I might imagine.  You really seem to have been given a pretty raw deal concerning your past efforts and notable success in the killing fields.

However, at present, I must advise you Adolph, taking into consideration your personality, that if you are really keen to return, you would not even make it into the really big league of modern mass murderers and that fact would most probably infuriate and greatly distress you. So perhaps you should just rest on your reputation and stay right where you are.


13 July 2014



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