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March 2014

As these articles underline, the definitive ruling on Medjugorje was always destined to speak volumes, for good or ill, about the spiritual state of the papacy and the Holy See. With the rise of Pope Francis, it will now speak even louder. Meanwhile, as we await the Holy Father’s response to the final report of Cardinal Ruini's investigative commission, and further to our February 2012 editorial "Exorcising Medj," herewith a handy summary of events pointing to the diabolic nature of the fraud.

The Satanic Origin of Medjugorje



1. During the first days in June 1981, after interrogation of all the ‘seers,’ Fr. Jozo Zovko concluded: “You have seen satan, not the Gospa; there is no sign, there is no message.” These words of the curate of Medjugorje have been tape-recorded, and are in the possession of the Bishop of Mostar (I wrote the text). Later on, Fr. Jozo manipulated the children. He refused to exorcise them.

Ref.: Ces 10 jours qui ont fait Medjugorje, J.Bouflet, Ed. CLD,Tours 2007, ISBN 978-2-85443-512-2, pp. 147-8.

2. Ex-Father Tomislav Vlasic insinuates in a letter to the pope that his bishop is ‘a satan.’ This same ex-Franciscan has been unmasked as a satanist and laicised by Rome, because of sexual affairs, manipulation of consciences, dubious mysticism, suspect doctrines, disobedience, schism and heresy. He was the first spiritual leader of the ‘seers.’ The Gospa said to the ‘seers’: “You must thank Tomislav. He is leading you so well” ('message' 28/2/82 and 3/6/83).


3. Tomislav perjures himself before his Bishop and denies the existence of the diary of ‘seer’ Vicka, which contains scandalous ‘messages.’

Ref.: Medjugorje ou la fabrication du surnaturel, J.Bouflet, Ed. Salvator, Paris 1999, ISBN 2-7067-0201-X, p. 69.

4. Tomislav writes sadistic, manipulative ‘love’ letters to a Franciscan nun, who bears his child (late 1976, early 1977)

Ref.: The Medjugorje Deception, E. Michael Jones, 1998, Fidelity Press, South Bend, USA, IN 46617, ISBN 0-929891-05-8, pp. 47-50 and pp. 141-5.

5. In an official letter of 11 July 1988, ‘seer’ Marija Pavlovic confesses that she has been manipulated by Tomislav to invent a false ‘message’ from the Gospa

Ref.: Miracles, Apparitions, Que croire? Qui croire?, Les Cahiers d'Edifa, Paris 1997, p. 83; The Medjugorje Deception (nr. 4) p. 144.

6. 'Seer' Mirjana  has an ‘apparition’ of Our Lady, disguised as... satan.

Ref.: Eine Reise nach Medjugorje, R.Franken, M.Waterinckx, M.Hauke, Dominus-Verlag Augsburg 2011, ISBN 978-3-940879-15-8, pp. 63-4.

7. 'Seer' Mirjana perjures herself during her first interrogation by Bishop Zanic of Mostar

Ref.: Die Wahrheit über Medjugorje, nr. 5, Bishop Zanic, Mostar, 1990; Eine Reise nach Medjugorje”(nr. 6) pp. 38-9.

8. Continuous disobedience of the ‘seers’ and Franciscans of Medjugorje towards their Bishop.

Ref. : 
Miracles,... (nr. 5) pp. 80-1; Eine Reise nach Medjugorje” (nr. 6) pp. 70-5.

9. Rebellion of many Franciscans (among them Medjugorje devotees) against the 1975 Decree Romanis Pontificibus of Pope Paul VI, concerning the partition of the parishes.

Ref.: “Acta Ordinis Fratrum Minorum,” Roma, Curia generalis ordinis, II/1989 pp. 85-9; La Face cachée de Medjugorje, I.Sivric ofm., Ed. Psilog, Québec, 1988, ISBN 2-921010-00-3 p. 106.

10. 'Seer' Vicka writes a letter to a Dutch Abbot to wheedle money with a false ‘message’ of the Gospa. Later, Fr. Slavko Barbaric lied outright about this scandal.

Ref.: The Medjugorje Deception (nr. 4) pp. 367-8.

11. Fr. Barbaric (who died in Medjugorje in disobedience to his bishop) said: "When I give you my blessing, this is the blessing of the Gospa."

Ref.: I heard this myself from the mouth of Fr. Slavko in the Medjugorje church.

12. The humanly inexplicable fanaticism and enmity of Medjugorje devotees towards those who do not believe them.

Ref.: daily experience.

13. Emeritus Bishop Gemma of Isernia, one of the Vatican exorcists, calls Medjugorje the work of the devil and shameful for the Church.



* * * * * 

Precedent for the Papal Reticence?


There may be some precedence of sorts for the subdued approach of Pope Francis to the hot-button issues of abortion, homosexuality and contraception. Missing from the hundreds of public messages from Medjugorje over the last thirty years, is any overt condemnation of these and other grievous sins and evils of our era.

It has been said that Medjugorje is the Marian Apparition of the Vatican II Church. The rationale behind the approach of the Conciliar Church right up to the papacy of Pope Francis has been to pour forth the balm of mercy rather than issue condemnations.  In his opening speech for the Council, on October 11, 1962, Pope John XXIII said:

Nowadays however, the Spouse of Christ prefers to make use of the medicine of mercy rather than that of severity. She considers that she meets the needs of the present day by demonstrating the validity of her teaching rather than by condemnations.

In order to determine exactly what “Our Lady of Medjugorje” said about the abortion issue, I went to the website of a major Medjugorje organization called the Medjugorje Web. This site,, has a convenient concordance containing all words from the public messages given by the apparition from 1984 to the present. From March of 1984 until January of 1987, the public messages were given weekly, intended mainly for the parish. From January 25, 1987 to the present the public messages have been occurring monthly, for the whole world. This makes well over 400 public messages.

In the Medjugorje Web, one must click on the ‘Concordance’ button, since using the search box will bring up other references in addition to the messages. Using the concordance on the Medjugorje Web for the word ‘abortion’ in these public messages, brings back a result of ZERO times that the word was even mentioned, from 1984 to 2014! What makes this quite amazing is that the visionaries are supposed to receive a total of ten secrets, some of which concern great chastisements about to befall humanity because of so much sinfulness in the world. One would reasonably expect then that the “Gospa” would have constantly pointed out, over the years, the many sinful behaviours, such as abortion, that have to be remedied in order to lessen these chastisements.

Since the word ‘abortion’ brought no results, I next looked to see how many times ‘contraception’ was mentioned in all of these hundreds of messages. Same result – ZERO. Well, how about ‘pornography’ – nope, a ZERO again. What about ‘homosexuality’ or ‘sodomy’ – ZERO. What about ‘adultery’, ‘divorce’, ’fornication’, ‘drugs’ ... all ZERO. How about ‘murder’ or ‘lust’ - ZEROES again. Surely the apparition has said something about ‘stealing’, ‘theft’, ‘idolatry’, ‘wrath’, ‘despair’ or ‘greed’ – every one of them a ZERO. Wait, there is one exception – ‘pride’ resulted in one occurrence. But upon reading it, the ‘pride’ referred to Satan, not to a sin of mankind.

And yet these apparitions are supposed to be ongoing communications and warnings from the Blessed Virgin Mary urging us to turn back from our sins or else face great chastisements. The holocaust of legalised abortion is the defining crime and offense of our era against God, with millions upon millions of innocent victims. For this cause alone, God surely has in store for us a great chastisement. Yet in the public messages delivered over the course of the past thirty years, we do not hear one peep about abortion from the “Madonna of Medjugorje.”

But who am I to judge?




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