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May 2005


Sexual Abomination and Desolation

AIDS, Condoms and Sex Education


In the face of the raging AIDS pandemic many individuals and organisations urge the use of condoms and sex-education as the prime means of preventing the transmission of this fatal disease. Prevention is better than cure they say, and as far as Human Immune deficiency Virus HIV, the causative agent of AIDS is concerned, there certainly is, as of now, no cure.

So why not do everything possible to prevent the transmission of the disease, including the encouragement of the use of condoms during sexual intercourse, and reinforce this behaviour by saturating the public with "safe sex" propaganda, including classroom sex education?

Protected Epidemic

At first glance, in purely secular, pragmatic and amoral terms, this sounds reasonable. And of course preventive medicine is a fully established discipline.

Vaccination is not yet available and antiviral drugs only perform a holding function, thereby giving infected persons a little more time before the inevitable end.

Isolation of those carrying the disease and those suffering from it is not possible in the present social and moral climate, because of the tremendous numbers now infected and because of the insidious ideology of "non-discrimination", particularly applicable to "gays" who, in the West, have been the prime agents for the spread of AIDS.

In fact, for a while AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) was known as GRIDS (Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Its name was changed in deference to the "Gay community".

AIDS in some parts of Africa now infects up to 45% of "sexually active" people. Information concerning the carriers of this fatal communicable disease is strictly confidential. A physician is not permitted to warn the spouse or regular sexual partner of the infected individual about the grave risks involved.

AIDS is the first epidemic disease since the origin of rational medical control of communicable diseases, in which proven measures for preventing the spread of disease have been sacrificed in the burning flames of unbridled eroticism, fornication, "gay pride" and "non-discrimination".

So condoms are now advocated as the way to prevent the spread of HIV and the public is urged to practice "Safe Sex"! That is, always to use condoms during sexual intercourse.

The condom argument has a hole in it!

However, a brief examination of the efficacy of condoms in preventing the spread of AIDS has shown what only can be described as a disaster in those countries relying on them, versus those countries relying on morality.

A comparison of HIV infection rates in two countries, namely Thailand, where the official policy is "100% Condom use", and the Philippines, where Catholic moral principles have generally prevailed, shows startling different results, as the following demonstrates:

The discrepancy in the infection rates between the two countries, Thailand with severe condom-oriented programs and the Philippines without, has continued and only grown wider. As of August 2003 there were 899,000 HIV/AIDS cases documented in Thailand and approximately 125,000 deaths attributed to the disease. These numbers are many times those projected by the WHO (60,000-80,000 cases) in 1991. These numbers contrast sharply with those of the Philippines where, as of September 30, 2003, there were 1,946 AIDS cases resulting in 260 deaths. This is only a mere fraction of the number of cases (80,000-90,000) that the WHO projected would be reached by 2000. - R. J. Bullecer, M.D. Executive Director, HLI, Visayas, Mindanao, Philippines.

In my own country, South Africa, condoms have, from the outset, been the mainstay of the Governmentís anti-HIV/AIDS program:

  1. Condoms are dished out, free of charge, by the hundred million.
  2. The population is saturated by pro-condom propaganda in slogans and adverts on buses, taxis, radio, animated cartoons and by prominent South Africans on television, in public gatherings and on huge billboards.
  3. Chastity programs have been ridiculed; and the Government has awarded the "contract for school sex education" to the local metastasis of the malignant International Planned Parenthood Federation.

So then, how good is this anti-AIDS strategy in medical and moral terms?

Condoms are not very effective in preventing pregnancy when used by fertile couples in the "medically recommended manner" - a fact well known to the medical profession for upwards of 30 years - as can be verified by consulting gynaecological textbooks published way back then.

Pregnancies - labelled "condom failures" - occur in about 15% of fertile couples who use them in each episode of sexual intercourse over the period of one year. This well known rate of condom failures in preventing pregnancy gave rise to the development of more effective birth control measures such as "the Pill", "the IUD", Depo-Provera, Norplant, Vacuum Aspiration, Spermicidals, RU486 "the French do it yourself abortion pill" and even "female condoms".

In fact, prior to the onset of HIV, condom sales were in serious decline. The defects of condoms are so well known that nowadays, instead of urging "safe sex", some of their advocates have been forced to recommend "safer sex".

AIDS has given condom manufacturers and population control organisations a field day. These despicable organisations, have, as their prime motive, the stopping of "Population Explosions", and their secondary objective is the destruction of sexual morality, resulting in "Copulation Explosions".

These organisations include International Planned Parenthood, United Nations Womenís Organisation, United Nations International Childrenís Emergency Fund, the Brook Advisory Centres, the Marie Stopes Foundation, the World Health Organisation and a host of other ideological lupine groups.

The AIDS Trojan Horse and Planned Parenthood

All over the world, the AIDS epidemic has been seized upon by the Population Control Lobby to establish condom programs as a side-line to their other contraceptive stock, and to deceptively market their genocidal activities as efforts to stop people dying of AIDS, when actually the eradication of human life is the prime reason for their existence!

They have seized on, and effectively used, the AIDS pandemic as a "Trojan Horse", to further extend their lethal activities in population control, eugenics and abortion and to advance their depraved ideas of sexuality. They profess, hand on heart, that, out of concern and compassion, they want to stop people from dying of AIDS, as is happening in Africa. In reality, that continent is the one that they have targeted most with Culture of Death weapons and propaganda.

Simultaneously, while persistently de-regulating sex and encouraging fornication and moral corruption, and flouting anti-abortion laws, they carefully keep their hideous anti-God, anti-Catholic visages, behind smiling masks of feigned concern for the victims of their carefully planned and established agendas - their War on People. They have toiled so long and so hard to establish their agendas of death and depravity. The scenario of Planned Parenthood selling sexual depravity and then reaping the harvest in selling birth control drugs and devices, abortions and sex education, thereby bankrolling their further campaigns, is a most astonishing deception!

There are two prime reasons why these agents of the Culture of Death have encouraged condom use:

  1. AIDS was beginning to threaten their universal ideology of "sexual freedom" that they had spawned and accordingly they could not allow the uninformed public to begin to link the genocidal consequences of "sexual freedoms" with themselves, less still to be led to discover their other nefarious activities.
  2. Distribution of "Condoms to prevent AIDS" from their "Family Planning" Centres would a) dupe the public into seeing them as concerned about the well-being of people b) camouflage their real motives and activities c) disguise the distribution of dangerous and abortifacient drugs and devices and the direct surgical killing of the unborn which take place in their "Family Planning", "Well Women Clinics" and "Reproductive Services Centres".

Having achieved 1 and 2 above they could continue to:

  1. destroy morality in the population at large and in the youth in particular;
  2. undermine and destroy parental authority;
  3. encourage fornication;
  4. continue the wholesale sterilisation of the population;
  5. by giving "contraceptives" to underage girls, cover up statutory rape and shield their violators;
  6. kill unborn children by way of surgical abortions;
  7. kill unborn children by abortifacients such as "the pill", "the morning after pill" and the French "do it yourself abortion pill";
  8. promulgate their idea that the birth of children is the greatest threat to the planet;
  9. use every possible measure to stop the "population bomb" and the "people plague".

A fleeting glimpse of the face of the beast

Only occasionally will ordinary people catch a glimpse of Planned Parenthoodís true agenda, such as during the various World Population Conferences and particularly the last one in Beijing. There they were so determined to stifle and prevent any voice of opposition that they even employed the Chinese Government and police to do so! Naturally, Planned Parenthood and its fellow predators were fully at home in The Peoples Republic of China because:

  1. their population control policy is also Chinaís "One Child Policy";
  2. their thirst for abortion is also Chinaís - seen in the forced abortions of women who happened to conceive without the permission of the Chinese Government;
  3. their support for eugenics and the killing of the unwanted of the world is the same as Chinaís death institutes, disguised as orphanages, where "unwanted", "unplanned", surplus children are starved to death - a practice well described by Stephen Mosher of The Population Research Institute;
  4. their plan to penalise women for bearing children is the same as Chinaís - which forces women to abandon their babies in the fields; to throw them into disused wells and quarries.

The true nature of their Human Rights, Reproductive Rights, Womenís Rights and Womenís Liberation ideology was revealed by their adulation for the Chinese Governmentís enforced population control and abortion programs. For them the most fundamental of all human rights, namely "the right to life", takes a back seat when the sacrifice of unborn children on the altars of Baal is concerned. Abortion as a "reproductive right" trumps all! This is particularly evident in Planned Parenthood giving an award to the Chinese Government for its population control achievements, and in their utter silence at the abuse of women in China and the forced abortions of their Chinese sisters and the wholesale slaughter of unborn children especially Chinese females.

Abortion and sterilisation for vulnerable women

Does any informed person need reminding that these organisations offered abortion and mass sterilisation as "humanitarian relief aid" to women who happened to survive the genocide of Kosovo, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Sudan; and gave them long acting, dangerous and abortifacient "contraceptive" injections along with typhoid, yellow fever and anti-tetanus vaccine - even, as established by Human Life International in the Philippines, incorporating immunological abortifacients into vaccines?

All this was done without the knowledge of these helpless women so devastated by man-made tragedies such as war and genocide and by natural tragedies such as drought, earthquakes and floods. The victims were further violated by their rescuers!

The sheer hypocrisy of expressions of shock and sympathy at the loss of human life as a result of the Tsunami, from world leaders, governments, UN agencies like UNICEF and other organisations who condone, promote and even fund radical population control measures, including abortion, on a global scale, is simply astonishing.

To encounter the primeval darkness of organisations like the World Bank and The International Monetary Fund, to mention but two of these, who compel countries, who accept international financial loans, to incorporate abortion, and abortifacient so-called "family planning" programs into their national health structures, cloaking these as a "help" to the poor - is to catch a glimpse of the face of Satan "the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning".

This population control ideology is responsible for the deliberate surgical murder of some 70 million unborn children each year; labelling this holocaust simply as a "Reproductive Right" and a basic "Womanís right to Choose". And this is apart from those untold millions of unborn children killed by so-called "contraceptives".

That these organisations and governments, can then express shock and sadness at the 290,000 people killed in the Tsunami, plumbs the unfathomable abyss of duplicity, depravity and moral blindness.

Putrefying ideology and rotten fruits of condomania

Despite the current "sex-ed and condom" frenzy, and undoubtedly in large measure due to it, the year on year rate of infection by this deadly virus has continued to rise - now reaching as high as 30% to 45% of the "sexually active" population in various parts of South Africa.

In January 2005, the former State President Nelson Mandela who, during his presidency, promoted and funded the Governmentís condomania and personally advocated condoms - buried his eldest son, who died of AIDS. Mandelaís sonís wife died earlier of pneumonia, the usual diagnosis on death certificates of those who die of AIDS in Africa.

Also, Mandela, in 1999, in full co-operation with International Planned Parenthood, introduced the Worldís most liberal abortion law in terms of which about 75,000 South African babies are killed each year. Mandela, the democrat and hero of the overthrow of Apartheid, forced parliamentary members of his political party - the ANC - to vote for his vile "Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act". This is the man who, out of his professed love for children, urges world-wide support for "The Nelson Mandela Childrenís Fund".

Naturally, Mandelaís liberal abortion has added further impetus to the radical destruction of morality amongst South Africans and, by providing an easy way of being able to wipe out the result of "sexual mistakes", has further weakened sexual responsibility and restraint. Now it is so easy for a fornicating male to tell his pregnant partner, "Its your problem. Get rid of it".

Always alert to the possibility of further predation the abortion lobby used the tragedy of pregnant women with HIV to increasingly promote the slaughter of unborn children and saw this as a chance to feign concern for women and unborn children by using a version of "the lesser of two evils argument", namely: "surely you wouldnít want to see a child suffer from AIDS or to be orphaned when his mother dies and abortion can prevent that" and "it is inhuman to burden a sick woman with pregnancy".

The AIDS epidemic in South Africa is now so severe that the demographic and economic future of the country is in grave jeopardy. The majority of hospital beds are occupied by those in the last stages of AIDS. There are tens of thousands of AIDS orphans and life expectancy has plummeted by 20 years.

Leading children into Gehenna

Because of the limitation of space in this article, I restrict myself to dealing with only two of the moral aspects of the prevalent response to the problems posed by the sexual revolution and its resulting AIDS pandemic and do so specifically from a Catholic perspective.

This examination is particularly relevant, and is becoming increasingly more urgent, because of ideas that have been finding support from Catholic moral authorities and organisations, and slithering down from these, to finding increasing acceptance amongst ordinary Catholics.

These two issues are:

  1. The promotion of sex education which has been widely introduced into Catholic schools.
  2. Support for the use of condoms as a way of stopping the transmission of AIDS.

At the very outset it must be said that Pope Pius XI in his magnificent encyclical Divini Illius Magistri (Christian Education of Youth), identified sex education programs as spiritually dangerous.

Pope Pius XI teaches, that those who promote sex-education "grievously err", and reproves those who try to offer "precautionary instruction for all indiscriminately, even in public". The Holy Father continues:

Hence every form of pedagogic naturalism which in any way excludes or weakens supernatural Christian formation in the teaching of youth is false. Every method of education founded, wholly or in part, on the denial or forgetfulness of original sin and of grace, and relying on the sole powers of human nature, is unsound.

Those who support this "education" justify it and progressively try to sell it to Catholic schools and parents, who unfortunately in increasing numbers allow their children to be exposed to its fatally flawed influence.

Father Vernon J. Schaefer writes as follows:

Allan Guttmacher, former president of Planned Parenthood was asked, "What makes abortion so secure in America?" He answered in two words: "Sex education". Atheist Madelyn Murray OíHare wrote: "The issue of abortion is a red herring... The fight is over sex education, including information
on birth control."

Abortion is the effect and sex education is the chief cause if not the root cause of our sexual revolution. One of the driving forces of the revolution was making or taking sensuality public, and that started, and of all places, in the classroom. Yes, even now in the classrooms of some Catholic schools.

Classroom sex education initiates children into the sensual. It is the gateway to all forms of sexual immorality. Corrupted morals is the link between sex-ed and abortion.

It appears to me that the Catholic clergy are all but oblivious to the evils of classroom sex education. It is never discussed in any clergy gathering I have ever attended. We discuss a lot of things in our deanery meetings but never that. It is as if the clergy are completely unaware of the evils of classroom
sex education.

In Planned Parenthoodís Sex Education model, children as a mixed group are given information about:

  1. Genitalia and reproduction;
  2. Sexual development;
  3. Avoiding sexual abuse;
  4. Venereal diseases and how to avoid them;
  5. Varieties of sexual activities and exploration, including masturbation;
  6. Birth control drugs and devices that are available;
  7. Avenues of "help" available to them if they become worried about sexuality, venereal diseases, pregnancy and relationships. Amongst these avenues are organisations such as Brook Advisory Centres and various surrogates of Planned Parenthood who have no hesitation in seeing the killing of an unborn child as simply "a way out of a fix", and certainly an acceptable, and fully legal, way of becoming "unpregnant".

One Jan Barlow, chief executive of Brook, the UK sexual health charity for young people, said: "Itís time that the Government guaranteed that every young person will receive comprehensive sex and relationships education as a compulsory part of the national curriculum".

Ultimately these sex-ed programs do the following:

  1. destroy innocence and the intrinsic modesty found in children;
  2. violate the reality of paediatric latency;
  3. normalise discussion of sexual matters and salacious conversations;
  4. accustom children to sexual intercourse and sexual activity outside of marriage;
  5. desensitise children to all varieties of sexual perversions;
  6. familiarise them with the panoply and usefulness of "contraceptives";
  7. acclimatise them to abortions;
  8. accustom them to the use of Family Planning Clinics and clinics for the treatment of venereal diseases;
  9. leave them with the message that "when you do it, make sure you are protected";
  10. lead children into most serious temptation to sin against Holy Purity;

Furthermore, those who devise and disseminate these programs strongly urge that the information should be "value free" and that teachers of such programs should be "non-judgemental" and "non-directive". Children, they claim, should be allowed to explore the issues and, by themselves, draw their own conclusions and form their own decisions about these matters - conclusions and decisions that they are comfortable with.

Obviously educators would be considered criminally negligent and liable if they failed to give children proper instruction concerning traffic signals and rules and clear teaching in Mathematics, Science and Languages. Children are not left to decide for themselves which rules to accept. The propagators of this kind of moral depravity and pedagogic insanity understandably discourage parents from sitting in on sessions and discourage children from discussing these matters with their parents.

Shocking as it is to have any child whatsoever exposed to corruption, it is astonishing that, in Catholic schools, children are increasingly exposed to this pernicious kind of evil. As Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand, called the greatest Catholic theologian of the twentieth century by Pope Pius XII, said: "Our fallen natures have rendered us extremely sensitive to the lure of impure sex and lingering on sexual matters may constitute a temptation and an occasion for sin even if they may be presented in a pure way. Then we must denounce as satanically vicious a program that means to saturate children and youth".

Our Lord said: "But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea". [Matt. 18:6]

Jim Burnham, a student of Catholic Sex-Education in an article entitled "Flawed Catholic Education" writes as follows:

Iíve got some bad news and some worse news about sex education in schools. The bad news is that sex-ed is one of the most effective ways to destroy natural modesty in children, awaken their passions, encourage sexual activity, and introduce sexual perversions. The worse news is that Catholic sex-ed programs are just as dangerous to your childís moral health as secular ones [and are] in total contradiction to the traditional Catholic teaching that instructing children in sexual matters is the right and duty of the parents. We now see a flood of classroom Sex Education programs and classroom ĎChastity Educationí programs."

Burnham continues:

According to author Randy Engel, "Classroom sex education is a grave moral evil, a serious occasion of sin, is all-pervasive, is taking place in most Catholic (as well as public) grade and high schools, and is being allowed - and promoted - by those in position of authority in the Catholic Church, including bishops, priests and nuns."

Mrs. Engelís book, Sex Education - The Final Plague, explains where this moral plague came from, who is promoting it in Catholic schools today, and the Vaticanís response to it. She calls for the Church "to put a total ban on all school sex education programs". All Catholic parents should read this book in order to be armed against one of the gravest moral dangers facing children today.

With these fundamental principles and vital information uppermost in our minds let us further consider classroom sex education in Catholic Schools.

Hyenas ravaging Catholic lambs

Children in Catholic schools, while not usually subjected to direct indoctrination by educators supplied by the various affiliates of Planned Parenthood, are increasingly exposed to feebly Catholicised versions of the sex-ed programs used in secular schools, the essentials of which are listed above with the usual addition of a thin veneer of additional information about relationships and chastity. These are programs, such as The New Creation Series; Sex Respect; Letís Talk to Teens About Chastity; In Godís Image: Male and Female; Family Life; TeenSTAR; AIDS: A Catholic Education Approach; Fully Alive and several other modified varieties of the above.

This is what Dr. Brian Clowes of Human Life International has to say about three of the most popular "Catholic" sex-ed programs:

Most of the sex education programs used in Catholic schools today are deeply flawed, and their sole effect is to damage the morals and faith of young people. These programs include:

A) William Brownís New Creation series, which seriously violates the latency phase of development with explicit instruction in Grades 1 through 4, bases its material on secular humanist rather than Catholic sources and is the subject of more complaints by parents than any other curriculum. It recommends that teachers use Planned Parenthood materials for further information and research into specific topics.

B) Benzigerís Family Life Program, reflects many of the flaws in the National Conference of Catholic Bishops document Human Sexuality. It attempts to redefine the family, contains virtually no mention of sin, includes graphic photographs, treats differences between men and women as purely physical and refers students to "New Age" and radical feminist resources.

C) In Godís Image: Male and Female, is promoted as "A Catholic Vision of Human Sexuality". Sadly, this "vision" is distorted and misleading. The twenty videos and accompanying worksheets omit and misrepresent the most critical Church teachings on sexuality, describe acts that severely damage the innocence of the seventh and eighth graders for which it is designed (such as masturbation), incorporate "New Age" philosophy and manipulate children psychologically.

Paul Likoudis, Catholic writer and researcher, informs us that in 1998 Bishop Roman Danylak of Canada denounced a Canadian chastity program called Fully Alive, saying:

It ignores the latency period of our children and therefore can contribute to the loss of innocence. It gives group instruction in intimate sexual matters although the Church has specifically forbidden this. It is woefully deficient in its treatment of moral principles. It often ignores the Churchís teaching on sin and grace and modesty. It does not distinguish between the different degrees of maturity in the same class, as the Church tells us teachers must do. It violates the principle of imparting information on sexual matters only at the point of development when this is needed. The ĎFully Aliveí program is not a program for formation in Christian virtue but a program of imparting sexual knowledge to children. This sex education program descends to the level of child abuse.

Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand writes as follows:

But it is still much worse if Catholic schools enforce on all children, and against the will of many parents, the practice of sex education in the classroom. That the State falls prey to totalitarianism implies a yielding to the dangerous trend of the raison díétat, a trend which lies in the nature of the Leviathan. But if representatives of the Church, who should be the great protectors of the sacred rights of the individual and of the family, act in a totalitarian way (and thereby exhibit the worst type of clericalism), it is simply treason, a denial of the spirit of the Church and of the spirit of Christ. It is a complete abdication in front of the spirit of the world.

Our clear duty as Catholics is to resist this totalitarian enslavement and, above all, to protect the souls of our children from the damage which threatens them. If the response to the triumph of impurity, the shamelessness, and the barbaric murder of modesty in our epoch is to introduce in Catholic schools this alleged sex education, then let us protest with every available means. Let us fight relentlessly all the Catholic schools which introduce such practices. Not one penny should be given to a pastor who tolerates or endorses this abomination.

The only sadness in life is not to be a saint

Is this the kind of education that Catholic Schools should provide?

During my schooling from 1941 to 1952 in a Catholic School run by the Marist Brothers in South Africa, it was drummed into my head, heart and soul by the magnificent men who taught me, that the sole purpose of life was to gain eternal life.

In my very first Catechism lesson from the famous "Penny Catechism" I learnt that God made me to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him in this world, in order that I may be with Him forever in the next. A Catholic School must have this principle as the sole purpose for its existence.

If the child is not taught eternal truths and Catholic moral principles handed down by the authentic magisterium of the Church that Our Saviour Himself founded, and if teachers in such a school do not try their utmost by their lives, example and teaching, to inculcate virtues into their pupils and to preserve them from moral harm, then such "educators" would have failed miserably, even if their whole class passed every University entrance examination with highest distinction.

The Brothers mirrored the thought of St. Alphonsus Ligouri who said: "In comparison with a chaste soul, all the riches, all the titles and dignities of the earth are contemptible." Did not the Lord of Life and Love Himself say: "What does it profit a man if he should gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his immortal Soul."

Naturally the Brothers also taught us the ordinary school subjects that were to be found in secular schools, and they did this magnificently. They taught us how to live well, but most importantly, they taught, trained and prepared us to die well! Had they not done so, my father, a poorly paid policeman and at that time a Protestant, would have totally wasted his sparse wages in sending me to a "Catholic" School when so many free secular schools were available.

My father and the Marist Brothers both had their priorities right and both kept their vows: my father his marriage vows and the vow to educate his children in the Catholic faith; and the Brothers in following their vows and vocations as Religious Catholic teachers, and particularly in the context of sexuality, themselves living chaste lives.

The experience of my sister educated by the Holy Family Nuns was totally consistent with mine. The Marist Brothers and Holy Family Nuns fully devoted themselves to doing what St. Thomas More advised: "Occupy minds with good thoughts, or the enemy will fill them with bad ones."

The Brothers and Nuns fully subscribed to the words in the last paragraph of Leon Bloyís magnificent book A Woman Who was Poor, when Bloy says:"There is only one sadness in life and that is not to be a Saint".

Coating poisoned apples with Catholic toffee

Ah! say the proponents of sex education in Catholic Schools, children really need sex education. They claim that those who abhor this evil donít fully realise that children are exposed each day to sexual permissiveness, rampant eroticism and even blatant pornography in the media, on television, in magazines, journals and newspapers, in books and films, in popular music and from the very companions that they meet at school and on the bus - a veritable moral sewer.

Marshall McLuhan, author of Understanding Media has this to say: "The modern media are engaged in a luciferian conspiracy against the truth".

Surely, they say, it is better for us, your Catholic School educators, to give them sex education to protect them from harm?

Not So! The recitation, listed above, of the flood of eroticism surrounding children is certainly true. But for the sex educators it indicates the need for more of the same deadly potions supplied in slightly different coloured bottles.

Children are not in need of sex education. They are absolutely saturated, almost to the exclusion of everything else, with sex-education, but they stand in desperate need of moral formation!

They need to be strengthened by prayer and the Sacraments and be trained in Spiritual Combat in order to resist the Devil, the World and the Flesh. Chastity promotion and the inculcation of this great virtue is what is urgently needed. The moral intelligence of the child is to be heightened, its will to do good and avoid evil strengthened, its resistance to impurity developed. Growth in holiness is the keystone of any Catholic education. Was it not Our Divine Redeemer who said that "only the pure of heart shall see God".

Nowadays, at ages that may surprise their parents, children know all about the "birds and bees". They are totally overexposed to sexual permissiveness and perversions. They meet condom machines in almost every public toilet they go into and see condoms displayed in the supermarkets and pharmacies and even on the counters of corner convenience stores, just near the chewing gum.

They know perfectly well what the disgusting four letter word now so much a part of public speech really means. They see and read the "lavatory art" on the walls of public toilets, and the pornography on the shelves of the booksellers, including the high street ones. With a few clicks of the "mouse" they can study an unlimited variety of "soft" and "hard-core" pornography on the internet and even enter evil "chat-rooms".

Perhaps, more often than not, they will find supplies of birth control drugs and devices in a drawer or bathroom cupboard at home put there by their contracepting parents or siblings. They can pick up free sexual information from the pamphlet display stands at the local clinic or the GPís office. They are saturated in a flood of sex education which can, and so often does, lead to their moral ruin.

Jacinta Marto, declared Blessed by the Holy See, was one of the three children whom the Queen of the Universe honoured by Her appearances at Fatima, and to whom The Most Holy Virgin showed visions of those suffering in hell. Nearing death, Jacinta said: "The sins that lead most souls to hell are sins of the flesh!"

While St John Vianney provided this spiritual counterpoint to Jacintaís solemn warning: "As the beautiful white dove flies from the middle of the lake and shakes its wings on the earth, so the Holy Spirit comes from the infinite ocean of the divine perfections and shakes its wings on pure souls."

Sex education mantras

There is not a scrap of evidence that "sex education" has done anything at all to promote a climate of sexual sanity and goodness. It has obviously had quite the opposite effect.

Rates of fornication and recreational copulation, sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancies, out of wedlock births, concubinage, abortions, rapes, divorces and the use of birth control drugs and devices, many of which are abortifacient - given without restraint to minor children without the knowledge and consent of their parents - as well as sexual perversions and depravity, have all steadily increased year on year.

The endlessly droned mantra of "sex education" continues - despite the clear evidence that this kind of "sex education" has been a shocking failure and that rather than bringing about sexual morality and restraint, has poured fuel onto the raging infernos of sexual appetites, lust and permissiveness.

In the face of incontrovertible evidence of the destruction of young lives and the civilisation-destroying effect of sexual permissiveness and its resulting "sex education", its advocates and practitioners overlook its fundamentally flawed ideology and see their own very evident and shocking failures as proof that more funds and resources must ever more urgently be poured into yet more of the same.

As a practising physician, this mentality reminds me of the once fashionable medical practice of bleeding patients, even those who were most profoundly anaemic, thus precipitating their deaths or making recovery more and more unlikely, if not completely impossible.

So much more the urgent need for the promotion of chastity and the other virtues and so much less the need for "sex-education".

Enemies within the gate

Whatís more, in a situation tragically familiar to Catholics everywhere, South African Catholics trying to live decently and bring their children up to love God, have to contend with the fifth columns of wholesale betrayal of Catholic teaching typified by:

  1. The Very Rev. Buthi Tlhagale, Catholic Archbishop of Johannesburg, giving his patronage to "Love Life" a subsidiary of Planned Parenthood dedicated to normalising sexual depravity and persisting in this despite pleas from Catholics that he dissociate himself from this vile organisation.
  2. Bishop Kevin Dowling of Rustenburg promoting the use of Condoms - not only in South Africa, but during his missionary journeys overseas.
  3. Bishop Reginald Cawcutt, Auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Cape Town and a "leading light" in the appalling pornography internet site for Catholic Clergy and Religious known as "St. Sebastianís Angels", devoted to promoting homosexuality, moral depravity and hatred for Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Ratzinger and Catholic orthodoxy.
  4. The atmosphere of enduring dissent/heresy against Catholic teaching on contraception, initially instigated and then fomented by the late Archbishop Dennis Hurley of Durban.
  5. The Southern Cross - the only national Catholic newspaper, under the patronage of the Catholic Bishops of South Africa - regularly betraying the teaching of the Magisterium on contraception; eulogising Hurley; providing vigorous support for Cawcutt; and justifying the governmentís despicable abortion law under "the seamless garment" ideology, which advocates that a government cannot be viewed as evil simply because it has instigated the wholesale slaughter of unborn children and, accordingly, that people must not be "single issue voters" and are fully justified in voting for such a diabolical regime.

Infallibly promoting the greater of two evils

We come now to the matter of support from within Catholic circles in South Africa, the UK and Europe for the use of condoms as a way of stopping the transmission of AIDS.

Amongst eminent clerics supporting the condomisation of society are Cardinal Godfried Danneels of Belgium, a strong Modernist contender for the Chair of Peter [still vacant as we go to press - Ed.], and Cardinal Cormac Murphy OíConnor of Westminster - who personally has advocated condoms, supports Danneels and who has not taken any public action to counter CAFODís [Catholic Agency for Overseas Development] condomania

Apart from the already mentioned 15% failure rate of condoms as a means of preventing pregnancy, how sound is this advice from a Catholic point of view and what does this condom-mania tell us about the knowledge, faith and vision of those Catholic voices, including some eminent organisations, theologians, bishops and cardinals who advocate the use of condoms in avoiding AIDS?

Let us first list and then consider the most common examples of "the lesser of two evils" argument enunciated by these dissident Catholic voices:

  1. The evils are those of a) getting AIDS and b) of the couple not being able to express their love for each other through sexual union when the urge arises, unless protected by the use of condoms.
  2. While sometimes conceding that the Church has, from its very beginning, proclaimed contraceptive sexual union to be "intrinsically evil", they claim that the use of condoms, when one partner is infected with AIDS, is the lesser of two evils, because, in using condoms, the risk of transmission of this deadly virus is reduced.
  3. The conception and birth of children by mothers who are infected with AIDS, or at grave risk of being so infected, is highly undesirable, thus it is far better to employ condoms to prevent conception and/or at the same time to obviate the transmission of the virus.
  4. Because women in many parts of the world are powerless and subservient to and dependent on men, their failure to consent to sexual intercourse with such men would result in their being abandoned or abused by these men. In such situations the use of condoms is acceptable.
  5. For those who cannot restrain themselves from sexual intercourse; for prostitutes who support themselves and their families by means of prostitution; and as a justifiable way of preventing the transmission of the virus between husband and wife and between a man and his sexual partner, condoms may be used.
  6. They claim that, in these kinds of sexual encounters, the prevention of conception is not an issue. Certainly, they say, becoming pregnant is the very last thing that those engaging in such copulation desire. Therefore the condom is not being used as a contraceptive agent, it is simply being used to preserve life by preventing the transmission of the virus. They claim that condoms are there only as a way of stopping death in these circumstances. What is at issue, they say, is their respect for the sanctity of human life.
  7. Accordingly, the Catholic Churchís teaching on contraception is not at issue here, and is certainly not being flouted.

Whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad

At the outset, it must be said that a basic principle of morality is that one is never permitted to do evil in order that good may come of it. Furthermore, the practice of contraception has been declared by the Church to be "intrinsically evil".

Obviously, dissidents/heretics do not understand the meaning of evil. They fail to make the distinction between a moral evil or disease, and a physical disease which they call "evil".

Because of their fundamental errors they cannot see that AIDS is a condition that may destroy the health of the body and shorten temporal life by causing premature death, but that to commit evil is an action that may destroy the soul and result in eternal death and damnation.

Their "sanctity of life" argument clearly does not take into account the fact that, for the sake of a fleeting orgasm, the AIDS infected person puts the life of his partner and any children that may be conceived, at grave risk, and his use of condoms, merely somewhat lessens this risk, given the known 15% failure rate of condoms. No sane person would be willing to take a pleasure trip on an airline that has a 15% crash rate each year.

Moreover, it is obvious that these dissidents/heretics donít understand, or worse, ignore, the true meaning of love and of the marital embrace. Certainly, they donít understand sacrificial love and that a principle of true love is never to harm or to risk harming any innocent person.

They forget that God is Love and that to oppose His teaching, given to us by Him and the Catholic Church that He loves, founded and authorised to teach in His name, is to espouse evil and diametrically to oppose love.

They forget that the whole purpose of life is to love God with our whole heart, with our whole mind, with our whole soul and with our whole strength and our neighbour as ourselves for Godís sake. They forget that God the Son told us: "If you love Me, keep My Commandments".

What loving husband, for the sake of an evanescent few seconds of sexual pleasure, would risk the life of his wife by passing on to her the lethal virus he carries? What kind of monster would a fornicating man or woman, infected with this virus, have to be to expose their sexual partners, be they casual or customary, to the risk of this disease? Even the secular courts have found guilty of culpable homicide, men who, knowing that they had HIV, engaged in sexual intercourse, thereby causing their partners to be infected and ultimately die of AIDS.

Condoms certainly do not provide any guarantees against the transmission of the virus. The makers of condoms certainly donít issue a certificate of warranty, still less a guarantee of protection to their users. Sexual intercourse which puts the life of another at risk cannot be, by any degree of moral contortionism, considered as love.

Clearly, those in rebellion against Christ see the satisfaction of animalistic copulation as more important than the risk to the life of another.

As seen in the rampant sex-mess, many moderns love orgasm so much that they are willing to die for it, and accordingly risk getting AIDS. They are willing to kill for it, and accordingly use abortifacient drugs and devices backed by surgical abortions, and also, in condomised sex, put the lives of others at profound risk .

Steady now, say the promoters of condoms, you are being totally unrealistic, you live in an ideal world, while we are realists dealing with everyday problems in the real world which requires effective strategies and reasonable answers.

They forget the Commandments and ideals laid down for us by God the Father in the Old Testament, by God the Son in the New Testament and by God the Holy Ghost in the teaching of the Apostles, the Catholic Church and the Popes and Saints down through the ages.

That heretical/dissident individuals, organisations and publications, such as CAFOD and The Tablet, can advocate the use of condoms should come as no surprise to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. It is notable that dissidents almost to a man:

  1. 1.Reflexively oppose Humanae Vitae and fail to condemn the use of birth control drugs and devices including those which cause abortion;
  2. Fail to promote chastity and on occasion ridicule it, as The Tabletís Nicholas Pike has done, even going so far as to claim that chastity programs are "useless at best and dangerous at worst";
  3. Support sex-education of the standard type;
  4. Claim that priestly celibacy is an impossibility and an intolerable burden;
  5. Persistently challenge the supreme authority of the Pope and euphemistically term such defiance of supreme Catholic authority as "Loyal Dissent". (Loyal they may be, but their loyalty is most certainly not to the Vicar of Christ.)

Clearly, dissent comes as a "package deal".

Eros is not only to be found in Picadilly Circus

There is an astonishing view that sexual intercourse is equivalent to love and love is equivalent to sexual intercourse. How then would prostitution and rape fit into this paradigm? How would Godís love for us fit into this kind of reasoning?

This pattern of degradation is epitomised by a person saying to the object of his sexual desire: "If you love me show me by having sex with me". There is a wide failure to understand that for the unmarried, always, and that for the married, at times, and for valid reasons, it is a truly loving action not to engage in sexual union.

Another revealing facet of societyís degeneration is to refer to those who, because of deliberate fornication, and in the case of "gays", by their sexual depravity, have now got AIDS, as "AIDS Victims". This is not to say that there are no true victims of AIDS, such as women, who get it from their fornicating partners and children who are infected by their mothers or those who get it from blood transfusions.

Another ideological perversion which has an influence on sexual mores is the use of the popular term for copulation as "making love" - a phrase depicting a mentality which is a whole civilisation distant from the truly loving marital embrace between a husband and wife, joined inseparably and faithfully for life, two in one flesh, strengthened by the Sacrament of Matrimony.

This is sex understood as the God-destined servant of wedded love - a marital embrace open to the transmission of life, open to the possibility that out of their loving conjugal union God may see fit to bless them with a child made by Him in His own image and likeness, a creature of eternal and infinite worth, one destined by God to populate heaven.

An abyssal ideological chasm exists between sexual freedom on the one hand and the nobility of dedicated virginity and chastity on the other, so beautifully shown by the virgin martyrs of the Church and particularly by Our Holy Redeemer, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and St Joseph, her most chaste spouse.

On the other hand, the true face of Eros is to be seen in the following:

  1. the abortion holocaust and mangled faces, diced organs and avulsed limbs of aborted babies;
  2. venereal diseases of many varieties at record levels including the AIDS pandemic;
  3. abandoned and abused women and children;
  4. concubinage, divorce and single mothers;
  5. prostitution and sex slavery;
  6. pederasty and rape;
  7. pornography;
  8. children with AIDS who got this disease as a result of the immorality of their parents;
  9. a panoply of sexual perversions and depravities such as sodomy, "gay marriages" and bestiality.

This is the true legacy of the sexual revolution - a revolt against God and nature brought about in spectacular style since the "swinging sixties" when "the pill" and the ideas of libertines spawned this sexual wasteland.

Decadents such as Margaret Sanger, Marie Stopes, Alfred Kinsey and Margaret Mead, and more remotely Jean Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire and Sigmund Freud, whose ideas, allied to Darwinís view of man as simply an evolved piece of protoplasm, together with that revolt against the Catholic Church called "the Reformation", have all produced a huge explosive mixture, now finally nearing its "critical mass".

Catholic moral teaching betrayed

What are we to make of those Catholic authorities, publishers, heads of organisations and institutes, priests and bishops who think that the laity are incapable of sexual abstinence? What does this tell us about their ideas, beliefs and values concerning sexuality, including their own? They seem to think that sexual intercourse is an essential activity.

Many of these even pour scorn on Catholic couples who, for seriously valid reasons, practice periodic abstinence in order to space the births of their children and speak of this as "Vatican Roulette". Many, such as The Tablet, consistently contradict the Pope and ignore Catholics faithfully obedient to the Vicar of Christ.

These dissidents/heretics are perfectly comfortable with the fact that Catholics in increasing numbers are using contraceptives and thereby frustrating the real purpose of marriage - namely the procreation of children - distorting the use and meaning of the genitalia, and also procuring early abortions by the use of these "contraceptives".

Once having separated the unitive and procreative aspects of the marital embrace, what should be a marital embrace is reduced to blatant eroticism and self satisfaction, a form of mutual masturbation. The way is then opened to other non-procreative uses of the genitalia, such as pederasty, sodomy, lesbian sexual activities and a whole variety of yet other unspeakable sexual activities.

Thumbing soiled clerical noses at the laity

Do these Catholic authorities believe that lay people are incapable of virtue, even heroic virtue, and that they cannot keep the vows they make? Do they think that the laity, with Godís help, are incapable of keeping His Commandments? That we cannot be obedient and faithful to Christ and the teaching of His Vicar on Earth? Do they think that lay men and women cannot follow the examples of the saints? Do they have such a low view of us and of the working Godís grace in our lives as to believe that we canít be true till death?

The answer to all the above questions appears to be, emphatically, yes! It seems that all that these dissident/heretical Catholic Bishops, priests and organisations can think of doing to stop rampaging sexual immorality - including the AIDS pandemic - is to promote "Catholicised sex-education" and to throw flimsy condoms at it!

As far as I have been able to discover, those cardinals, bishops and organisations who endorse the use of condoms have not encouraged, let alone established, chastity formation programs! In their public utterances they never mention the burning need for this fundamental answer to a sexually besotted society.

Despite the fact that the majority of Catholic women are using birth control drugs and devices, most of which are abortive, when last - apart from His Holiness the Pope (RIP) and a very small number of true bishops - did you hear any condemnation of this "intrinsically evil" practice from Church authorities? Have you ever heard a sermon on Humanae Vitae, Evangelium Vitae, Casti Connubi, sexual immorality, abortion, abortifacient birth control drugs and devices, or even one extolling purity?

"Claiming to be wise, they became fools." [Romans 1:22]

Virgin martyrs and their message for our time

How do these authorities see virgin martyrs such as St. Maria Goretti, and how would they approach the Holy Martyrs of Uganda , some of whom, as mere children, willingly endured the most frightful torture and death rather than offend against Holy Purity by submitting to the Kingís desire for sodomy?

Particularly pertinent to me, having been born and bred in Africa and having made a pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Martyrs of Uganda, is the message that they have to offer a sexually depraved and obsessed society.

There is no continent so shockingly affected by AIDS as is Africa. I see as particularly providential the fact that God placed these astonishing Saints in Uganda, a country straddling the Equator in the very heart of Africa. A country only just beginning to recover - primarily by means of the promulgation of Catholic moral teaching on chastity, as in the "Youth Alive" program - from its former devastation, destruction and depopulation caused by AIDS, spread previously by rampant fornication.

Always, after some 200 pro-life and pro-chastity talks to tens of thousands of children and adults during 5 visits to Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Malawi, I asked those present if they were willing to join me in a prayer dedicating ourselves to the Most Holy Virgin. Almost without exception, they unhesitatingly agreed to do so.

Judas Goats leading Christís lambs to the slaughter

Questions about Catholic authorities and organisations who have espoused the condom and sex-education approach to AIDS are now pressingly relevant, particularly in view of the shocking scandals and abysmal disgrace, defections, financial ruin and dishonour to Christís Holy Bride, His and our Holy Catholic Church, caused by the prevalence of pederasty, sexual predation, and homosexual activity among many priests and bishops.

To those of you who find the term "Judas Goats" somewhat puzzling - as I once did before visiting an abattoir - allow me to explain.

As the trucks arrive at the slaughter-house the sheep are induced to follow a specially trained goat who leads them to their doom. After leading them to the slaughter floor, the goat makes his escape via a gate that he has been taught to open.

In thinking about the behaviour of dissident priests, bishops, and Catholic authorities and organisations in the face of the profound moral crisis facing mankind, the behaviour of Judas Goats most closely fits the case.

Truly, "the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God."

Ora et Labora

What, then, are we to do in order to combat these abominations in society and inside the Church?

  • We must be well informed about the issues discussed above.
  • We must be strong in the Faith.
  • We must resist and oppose evil wherever and whenever we happen to find it, inside and outside the Church.
  • We must be fearless activists for Christ, remembering He said "Be not afraid", and that "the lukewarm shall be vomited from My mouth."

We should follow the example of the great Saint Benedict of Nursia, the patron Saint of Europe, who by his vision and his faith embodied in the motto of the Benedictine Order Ora et Labora, and by the help of Godís grace, was able to bring about a magnificent civilisation in Europe; a civilisation known as Christendom, now so sadly fallen into ruin.

Insisted St Benedict: "We must work as if everything depends on us and pray as if everything depends on God."

It is up to us fearlessly and resolutely to oppose evil wherever and whenever we find it, within and without the Church, in order to restore Christendom and return the world to the control of its rightful ruler, Christ the King.

So let us undertake that mighty work of restoration, and make our own that great battle cry of the Church Militant:

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

(Christ conquers, Christ reigns, Christ commands!)

The author is a renowned leader of the African pro-life movement. He is currently practicing medicine in England.



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