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December 2016



All things considered, did He ever give a more mercurial sermon? Granted, the one on the Mount was pretty good (as civilisational game-changers go!). But it was thirty years on and articulated. From the manger, on the other hand, though swathed in swaddling, helpless and mute, He still declares, sanctifies and rebukes.

Of course, even the adult Christ did not always teach and exhort verbally. The sublimity of His example alone spoke volumes. Often, a mere sigh or glance (Peter knew the force of that), was enough.

Likewise, the Blessed Bundle said it all.

With nary a word, He proclaimed and blessed not only human life from conception, but also the path of sacrificial love, obedience, humility, marriage, family, simplicity, innocence, purity, littleness, poverty, suffering, filial trust... — everything, in other words, that anchors us in the Way, Truth and Life of God's Firstborn: begotten before the Morning Star (Ps 109: 3), and "brought forth" incarnate beneath the Star of Bethlehem, as Mary's "firstborn son."

Irresistibly eloquent, the Holy Child's unspoken power continues to impede the Christophobic Herodians of our day. Not that it seems that way. Exemplified by the providentially defeated Hillary Clinton — "a proponent of a tyrant state authorising the killing of babies," as Father Frank Pavone described her agenda — partisans of the Culture of Death do not look in any way hindered.

On the contrary, they now hold the whip hand. Their demonic combo — a toxic mix of Herodian mass murder, immorality, mental disorders and Alice in Wonderland concoctions (like sodomitic 'marriage' and gender 'reassignment') — is increasingly legislated and imposed. Indeed, if consumerism has rendered the Nativity twee and superficial, the social engineers appear to have made it redundant.

In sum, the foundation of Western life and culture — the natural intact family — is taking huge hits from the libertine-left.

Complicity on all sides

As I write, the front page of the Mail on Sunday is screaming: "Fury at BBC Sex Change Show for 6-YEAR-OLDS."

Alas, there is not much righteous "fury" to report. We merely learn that

.... the show, Just a Girl, available on the CBBC (Children’s BBC) website, depicts an 11-year-old's struggle to get hormones that stunt puberty, making it easier to have sex-change surgery in future. Concerned campaigners said it could "sow the seeds of confusion" in young minds.

You think!

A Tory MP added the powder-puff objection that "This programme is very disappointing and inappropriate."

It's hard to know what's worse: the 'show' itself, or the understated reportage and reaction. One looked in vain for this plain synopsis:

The BBC, in a diabolic nod to its favourite cosseted son, the late paedophile Jimmy Saville, is now abusing children by other means. Its CBBC website depicts a boy taking hypothalamic puberty-blockers: promoting a demonic sex-change delusion with catastrophic consequences for physical and mental health. 

To be fair, some reactions were more robust and befitting the crime. "Respecting and preserving a child's birth sex should be seen as a child protection issue," insisted Norman Wells of the Family Education Trust. Another Tory MP fumed, "It beggars belief, and I shall be writing to BBC bosses to demand they take it down as soon as possible."

No chance. Publicly-funded laws unto themselves, the obscenely overpaid "bosses" duly defended the filth. "CBBC aims to reflect true life, providing content that mirrors the lives of as many UK children as possible," said one inhabitant of the alternate BBC universe. While another, Children's Director Alice Webb, gushed: "I'm very proud of that show." The Corporation's duty is "to make sure that we are stimulating conversation," she added; thereby overturning Lord Reith's original moral charter for the BBC, while also turning the actual stimulation — of puberty-halting diseases (to include infertility and increased risk of blood clots, strokes and cancer) — into harmless dialogue.

We expect this sort of self-interested complicity and cruelty from apparatchiks of the Nanny State. Also from occult practitioners like Mrs Clinton, and psychologists who earn their crust pushing 'transgender children.' One of the latter stated that "Programmes like Just A Girl can contribute to a healthy and informed public discussion," echoing Ms Webb's Orwellian delusion that illness is health.

Outside the sordid BBC bubble, however, the response was more telling. Normalising one deviancy at the expense of another,

Critics cited research claiming that most teenagers confused about their gender never go through with surgery, with many realising they are gay.

'Since they were born that way,' they all but added. Meanwhile,

Former Culture Secretary Maria Miller voiced her concerns over the BBC tackling the subject in "an age-appropriate way," saying such issues should be raised "where children can have support from their parents."

At least Mrs Miller, a Blairite Tory, is consistent. An advocate of 'gay marriage,' she maintains the deviant (homosexual-transvestite) continuum: cajoling the state broadcaster into presenting abnormality as normality in "an age appropriate way," with parental "support." We can reasonably assume that holds for the full deviant spectrum, to include her approach to classroom sex ed involving sodomitic propaganda.

This faux conservativism is wearily predictable; identified not so much by a refusal to demand BBC Heads on platters, as by lack of courage. In this case, fear of denouncing the hellish propaganda for what it is — what penitent pioneers of transgender surgery like Dr Paul McHugh insist that it is — the promotion of mental disease.

Robots and brownshirts

If writers like Orwell and totalitarian cults like the Nazis have taught us anything, it is that linguistic infiltration — not calling things by their proper name — precedes and gives rise to devastating realignments of reality.

Accordingly, the mindless parroting of 'gay' for sodomite, 'sexual orientation' for sodomy, and 'transgender' for mentally disturbed person, has induced mass psychosis. The very nature of men and women, as essentially tied to their role in reproduction, is being jettisoned along with the natural family unit that gives it divine and natural purpose.

At present, the indoctrination of the next generation does not formally commence till nursery or primary school. Yet already, very many are perverted from the cradle by their own mothers. Hardly surprising when so many chant the 'pro-choice' slogan with even less regard for the innocent than Herod (who at least only targeted males).

One chimed in robotically to the Just A Girl fracas: "I don't believe there is 'too young' for stuff like this. The earlier you teach your children that everyone is different and that nobody is 'normal' the better." This conditioned response speaks for a vast number of the brain-dead. Perhaps even a majority.

Increasingly, one desists the madness at a price. A recent Daily Mail feature related the fearful ordeal of a Christian couple: threatened by social workers with having their 14-year-old daughter taken away by the State "because they oppose her plans to become a boy."

The further we descend into the banality of sexual deviance, the more these jack-booted functionaries have their way. With their jobs and mortgages on  the line, there is no nook or cranny of life they won't invade and pervert. Comical applications abound.

Suffolk County Council recently canvassed residents of a town about plans to move their bus station. In addition to the usual array of offensive 'sexual orientation' tick-boxes (including 'bisexual', 'gay man', 'gay woman', 'no sexuality' and 'other'), the form also asked whether residents had "ever identified as transgender" (defined on the survey as "an individual who lives or wants to live full-time in the gender opposite to what they were assigned at birth"). Sighed one exasperated local: "I admit I am a miserable old git, of mixed race, too old for any sexual preferences. All I want is a bus to travel on occasionally to have lunch with chums — but there was no box to tick for that."

Malodorous pontiff

As attested by the aforementioned Christian family under siege from bureaucratic brownshirts, this black comedy gets darker, and less funny, by the month and year.

For Catholics, the laughter stopped definitively on 28 July 2013: the date on which Christ's Vicar blessed the linguistic deception by his craven adoption of 'gay' newspeak, while professing his motto-cum-epitath: "Quis ego sum, judicare?"

This non-judgmentalism flagged the secularising agenda he quickly acted out and articulated via two Synods and an Apostolic Exhortation. Since then, he has proceeded to underline his accommodation of the 'new morality' of the New World Order. Personified by its mutant 'families' (aka 'stable relationships'), the same pontiff who rails that 'gender mainstreaming' is a "war" against the family also insists that these NWO practititioners be "welcomed," "accompanied," and "integrated" into parish life.

All fuzzy-feeling and false mercy, having invited a 'transgender family' to the Vatican for a private meeting and photo-op, Francis issued no subsequent spiritual, doctrinal or moral clarifications after the perverse photo inevitably surfaced online. Not even a truly merciful warning about the dangers of transgender ideology as laid out by the American College of Pediatricians; including extremely high rates of suicide (even after the fanciful 'transition' and 'reassignment' of gender). Quite the contrary.

On 2 October 2016, when he finally spoke to journalists about that January 2015 meeting, Francis first exhorted them not to say 'the Pope sanctifies transgenders', then proceeded to refer to the ('gender reassigned') woman as a "man," to her having "married" another woman, whom he also called "his wife." He reinforced the linguistic deceit with an airy shrug, assuring the scribes that "Life is life and things must be taken as they come."

Christ, however, commands that things must also be called by their name [Matt. 5:37]. An imperative ignored by His current Vicar, who takes delight in leaving His little ones bewildered.

And if he leaves them in that confused and sorry state by failing to clarify and allay alleged misconceptions, often flowing from his scattergun streams of consciousness, it is precisely because there is no misconception. Like "Who am I to judge?", the malodorous alignment of his words and actions is perfectly understood.

Indeed, it is the same sulphurous stench emanating from the same worldly Modernism ingrained in the Roman Protestant unfaithful he inherited.

Raised on false catechesis, classroom sex ed, and a weekly diet of liturgical and homiletic banality (at best), their habitual sins and personal disorders have been accommodated by prelates and priests for half a century. The Bergoglian corruption of marriage and the family, and his concurrent attack on the Sacrament of the Altar, by pushing sacrilegious Communion for both the divorced-remarried and deviant pairs, is tailored for these Children of the Revolution.

The good old days!

In that perfidious light, let us leave the uninformed and naive to take at face value whatever Christmas reflections Francis may offer this year. We prefer, instead, the clear and unequivocal preaching of his immediate predecessors, who, for all their many failings, at least consistently held to the truth of the Nativity. 

On 13 December 2010, for instance, Pope Benedict XVI addressed the new Hungarian ambassador to the Holy See, typically underlining that "Marriage and the family constitute the decisive foundation for a healthy development of the civil society of countries and peoples." He insisted that "marriage as a basic form of ordering the relationship between man and woman and, at the same time, as the basic cell of the state community, has also been moulded by biblical faith. Thus marriage has given Europe its particular aspect and its humanism, also and precisely because it has had to learn to acquire continually the characteristic of fidelity and of renunciation traced by it."

Standing four square against the same powerful lobbies before whom Francis routinely bows low (even while mouthing occasional words of feeble protest), Pope Benedict asserted that "Europe will no longer be Europe if this basic cell of the social construction disappears or is substantially transformed. We all know how much risk marriage and the family run today."

As if foreseeing the Bergoglian sell out, he explained that on one hand, these are at risk "because of the erosion of its most profound values of stability and indissolubility, because of a growing liberalisation of the right of divorce and of the custom, increasingly widespread, of man and woman living together without the juridical form and protection of marriage."

On the other hand, said Benedict, the risk stems from "the different types of union which have no foundation in the history of the culture and of law in Europe." He went on:

The Church cannot approve legislative initiatives that imply a valuation of alternative models of the life of the couple and the family. These contribute to the weakening of the principles of the natural law and, hence, to the relativisation of the whole of legislation, in addition to the awareness of values in society.

Our readers know better than most that Benedict was raised in the same Modernist school as Francis. Yet in several short years, his familial affirmations (like his liturgical ones) now sound like the good old days: like the militant pronouncements of a pre-conciliar pope!

It is a measure of how far the papacy has fallen since 13 March 2013. A precipitous descent all the more frightening alongside Western leaders who make Herod look beneficent, and whose citizenry make the Tower of Bable and Sodom and Gomorrah seem coherent and righteous in comparison.

It's a perfect storm: the sons and daughters of Moloch, Babel and Sodom in NWO cahoots with a social gospel Jesuit on the throne of Peter. The Christians look down and out. But they always do. I daresay that even if the City of David had recognised the fulfilment of prophecy within its environs, its citizens would have felt doomed after Herod massacred the Holy Innocents with impunity. Yet the Holy Child, and His family, won out.

And there's the millennial rub.

Controlled by might-is-right political correctness; destabilised by perpetual "change"; addicted to hedonism; dazzled by the entertainment-media of the corporate elite who package and sell it — the neo-pagan hordes feign disinterest in the Nativity. But they know better.

As untold millions of believers make their annual pass before the peaceful tableau, the worldlings quietly chafe under its yoke; beneath the weight of the reality embodied in the nascent Holy Family. God's template for love, life, civilisation, salvation... it remains impassable and ineradicable: unable to be legislated, machine-gunned or wished away; forever obstructing their wicked exchange of evil for good, affliction for joy, death for life — the unreal for the real.

Even as the Supreme Pontiff himself disfigures the Nativity — reigning blows upon the truth about marriage, family life, and the Sacraments — the silent sermon on the Silent Night remains our resounding refuge and strength, come what may.



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