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November 2010



"We think of the great powers of the present day, of the anonymous financial interests which turn men into slaves, which are no longer human things, but are an anonymous power which men serve, by which men are tormented and even slaughtered. They are a destructive power, a power that menaces the world."


Another year, another twelve months of lengthening shadows. I mean, of course, the escalation of every conceivable post-Christian wickedness; the piling up of sin and corpses for fun.

The Fading Light

Facilitating this nihilistic advance are neo-pagan minds, high and low, which continue to darken and diabolise according to an Iron Law, viz: the shadows of Mammon lengthen in direct proportion to the retreat from Jesus Christ, the Light of the World.

So-called "Christmas creep" provides a precise measure of the iron law at work. Major stores like Harrods and Selfridges have opened their Christmas shops earlier each year to the point that the latter kicked off its 2010 "seasonal" sale on 2 August, five months early! Shoppers still looking for suntan lotion for their summer holidays were confronted by shelves full of tinsel and Christmas crackers, and Santa's grotto, with children encouraged to visit Father Christmas. Harrod's followed suit several days later.

"We are just responding to public demand," said the Selfridge Christmas buyer, reeling off sales figures to demonstrate the hankering for sleigh bells, snow and ideas for festive gifts 145 days before the very Birthday they celebrate. "I can see a time," she beamed, "when we offer our Christmas collection throughout the year." Can't we all.

Even critics had a Mammonic take on this abominable trend. Calling on stores to ban Christmas promotions until at least 1 December, the Family Welfare Association voiced concerned: not over the retreat from Bethlehem and the Holy Family but, rather, the early launch of Christmas campaigns increasing pressure on parents to spend money they do not have.

In fact, in Bournemouth they can spend this "money they don't have" at any time of year under the watchful eye of Biblical characters depicted in the lovely stained glass windows of the former Westbourne Methodist church. Now converted to a Tesco store, "the pealing of church bells and the sombre sound of the organ on a Sunday morning will be replaced by the ringing of tills and customer announcements over the PA," ran the Metro report of 11 November on this latest monster of received secularism. "I suppose it represents people's priorities nowadays," opined a local accountant. "The convenience of being able to buy their bread a few miles closer is more important than prayer and religion." Worse still, the buyers and sellers have retaken the temple: the life-giving "word of God" has given way to life by bread alone, purchased in a church-supermarket. Mammon triumphant!

This kind of symbolic scoffing at Christian faith is the most effective means of alienating the masses from Christ. Certainly, blasphemous productions like Left-wing comedian Bill Bailey's current one-man show in London – which mocks Christ and His sacred wounds and also calls the Pope "the sultan of abusers, the betrayer of trust, that creeping Bavarian gimp" – keep anti-Catholic bigotry on the boil among Britain's debauched "intelligentsia." But "Christmas creep" and the Tesco-church are more far-reaching and insidious. As is the ongoing purge of Nativity plays.

Last month, after twenty-five years of Christmas plays at Rochford Primary school in Essex, the headteacher was accused by parents of "cancelling Christmas" for banning pupils aged between seven and 11 from taking part in the school Nativity. It was nothing malicious, just corrosive British pragmatism; to allow students to concentrate on their studies and help drive up standards. "We haven't cancelled Christmas but we have toned it down quite a lot," he said. For "toning down" read: "distancing and separating" the unchurched little ones from their Saviour, thus further darkening their hearts and minds in accordance with the Iron Law.

This sure path of spiritual and social regression is the antithesis of that Divine formula proclaimed by Our Lord's cousin – "He must increase, but I must decrease" [Jn 3:30] – which alone guarantees lasting peace, justice, prosperity and joy.

Only dutiful and humble submission to the Holy Child can roll back the encroaching shadows of death and destruction. "This my joy therefore is fulfilled," cries John the Baptist. "The Father loves the Son: and he has given all things into his hand. He that believes in the Son, has life everlasting; but he that believes not the Son, shall not see life; but the wrath of God abides on him."

Consequently, since you cannot believe what you don't know, God's wrath is manifested in pervasive self-destruction: just punishment for men obsessed with increasing their autonomous "human rights" while the Royal Prerogative of His Son, Christ the King, recedes to nothing.

Abandoned to himself for abandoning Christ, the grotesque and deathly fruits of man's ongoing assault against divine and natural law confront us at every turn. The Daily Telegraph's 8 November headline, "Gay sperm donor fights lesbian mother over access to children" was hard to beat – for 24 hours! The very next day, LifeSiteNews ran with the even more dystopian: "Woman Gives Birth to Homosexual Son's Baby"!

Yes indeed, the 50-year-old Mexican woman "decided to offer her womb to her 31-year-old son, a single homosexual businessman who wanted a child. A childhood friend, who is married, contributed the ovum." Conceived by IVF, the child was implanted in the woman's womb and she gave birth to her own grandson on 1 November. "I don't feel like a mother nor like a grandmother," cooed the hybrid surrogate. "I mean, he was my first grandson, and ... at the same time he is my fourth son."

Truly, it's as if we are living through an endless series of Monty Python skits, waiting for someone to finally get up and switch off the telly! In the meantime we laugh at these Pythonesque absurdities, the tip of the godless iceberg, even as we weep over untold lives lost or ruined by a universal turning to the seven deadly sins extolled by the hegemonic Culture of Death.

Despite the macabre headlines, however, we have but glimpsed the horrendous final reckoning of the falling dominoes set off by family breakdown. The breathtaking crime statistics, for starters, will only surge onwards and upwards. While politicians laughably intone that "Crime is historically low," investigative reporter Harriet Sergeant relates that "in 1950 there were just 6,000 recorded incidents of violence against the person. By 1995, that had increased to 213,000. By 2005-06, it had topped a million." Among young people and children, violent crimes have increased by a third over five years. As for anti-social behaviour, even target-driven police statistics which understate crime show an incredible 3.6 million incidents a year. Yet according to Sergeant, "Denis O'Connor, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary, says the true figure is more than seven million" [Daily Mail, 3/5/10]. By my calculations that already equates to more than 13 incidents each minute of every hour, 365 days a year. And it's early days!

The 40,000 care home elderly who "spend their lives in isolation" are a further ominous sign. According to the Daily Mail of 11 November, a Relatives and Residents' Association study revealed that "Across nearly 11,000 care homes in England, 13,000 people are without any known family who will visit them or help them. More than twice as many again have no contact with their family or friends and are effectively isolated. The findings add to growing evidence that the divorce boom of the 1970s, followed by the rise of lone parenthood and spread of fragile cohabiting relationships, has produced and increasingly lonely and deserted generation of old people. ... Five years ago the Office for National Statistics revealed that the number of divorced women had multiplied by five over a 30-year period and that many divorcees faced a lonely old age. Left-leaning think-tank Demos has estimated that by this year about two million men and women will have reached old age without family or friends."

Manifestations of God's wrath, these tragic symptoms of the anti-Christian impulse and myriad others are gathering and billowing like portentous storm clouds. Their shadows lengthen as the teachings of His Church, the divine corrective to our suicidal course, are not only mocked but, increasingly, proscribed. On 29 April 2010, Lord Justice Laws went so far as to rule that legal protection for views held on religious grounds was "deeply unprincipled." In a landmark EU-driven Appeal Court judgement, which places British "gay" equality legislation over and above individual conscience, he told a Christian relationship guidance counsellor that he had no right to refuse to give sex therapy to sodomite and lesbian couples. "Law for the protection of a position held purely on religious grounds is irrational, divisive, capricious and arbitrary," he snarled irrationally, divisively, capriciously and arbitrarily. If the right to Christian conscientious objection was not outlawed "our constitution would be on the way to a theocracy, which is of necessity autocratic," he added autocratically, sounding off like a mad mullah.

Referring to this judgment, the plain-speaking former Anglican Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, foresaw a "tyranny of legislation without conscience." Indeed, by severing the Christian branch of jurisprudence on which it is perched, the West is removing any 'wiggle room' whatsoever for people to act according to their conscience. Just as the pillars of the British constitution based on religion will be swept away if the principles behind the suicidal ruling by Laws is carried through to its logical conclusion.

The Darkest Cloud

The endemic political, financial and economic turmoil, rooted in greed, lies and self-serving disdain for the Social Kingship of Christ (the universal panacea articulated by His Church), is all of a piece with the gathering social storm. Alienated and oppressed, the hoi polloi look on helplessly as governing and financial elites line their pockets at public expense while overseeing total economic collapse and snuffing out fundamental freedoms. This hellish arrogance is embodied in the blackest cloud of all, the European Union: the socialist model of global governance favoured by Barack Obama and his handlers ["The Obama Transition," CO, June-July, Aug-Sept, 2009].

On 30 April 1952 at the Washington Press Club, European Coal and Steel Community founding father Jean Monnet promised "the creation of a United States of Europe." Fifty years on and rapidly approaching this Superstate denouement, the EU has evolved into a fascistic monster; the personification of Nazir-Ali's "legislative tyranny." According to research by Open Europe, the EU's legislative data base reveals a staggering 666,879 pages of laws passed by the EU since its inception in 1957, of which 26% are still active. This equates to 170,000 pages of EU legislation currently in force (more than twice the number EU spokesmen admit), over 100,000 produced in the last ten years alone.

If piled up, it is said that these rules – foisted on companies, charities and individuals – would be higher than Nelson's column in Trafalgar Square and weigh 285 kg. Laid out lengthways, they would stretch over 120 miles along the M1 from London past Nottingham. It is estimated that if the EU continues to legislate at the current rate, the amount of legislation in force will have more than doubled by 2020 to 351,000 pages.

But this legislative mania is not just about volume. It is the kind of insane regulation one associates with 1789 and the worst tyrannies and dictatorships: i.e., strict regulation of the minutiae of daily life. A few hilarious examples are indicative:

The EU Noise at Work Directive, forcing teachers to assess how noisy school children can be; the Working at Height Directive, which means that a ladder can only be used if a risk assessment considers it to be so low risk that an alternative is not suitable (which rule forced one priest to pay an expert £1,300 to change a light bulb in his church); the 50-page long directive on the use of condoms (and they still don't work!); the EU Directive for Personal Protective Equipment that targeted Wellington boots, now sold with a 24-page user's manual, printed in 10 languages, which gives advice on risk assessment, storage conditions, life expectancy, washing in a mild detergent, resistance to electricity, cold weather and oil, but not water. Users are advised to try each boot for fitting before use. Even the amount of energy absorbed by the heels is recorded. The manufacturers are required to test their boots twice a month at EU approved laboratories to ensure they comply with the standards.

The bossy list is endless and endlessly jaw-dropping: the Nanny State on nuclear-powered steroids! But our increasingly nervous laughter betrays our recognition of the same thirst for power and control, to the ludicrous millimetre, that marked Robespierre's Committee of Public Safety during the Reign of Terror.

And yet the Deputy Chairman of Open Europe (a former economic adviser to Blair), has insisted that all the EU needs is a little tweaking: "to be redesigned to make it possible to roll back some of the unnecessary legislation." This delusion is on a level with the fanciful notion harboured by early Christian pioneers of the "European project," and latterly by John Paul II and his episcopal brethren: that of steering the EU towards a revitalised "Christian Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals."

Decades of one-way EU traffic give lie to such wanton self-deception. One can no more negotiate a legislative reform or Christian peace with the EU than engineer a negotiated peace with the Taliban. The latter, as a Taliban commander reminded an Independent reporter last month, will fight and die rather than live alongside Western infidel occupiers in Afghanistan. Similarly, neither the technocrats feeding at the EU trough nor the super-elite orchestrating Monnet's "United States of Europe" are negotiators; they are ruthless empire builders whose god is their belly.

I wrote in October 1999 that whatever 'friendly' conditions may have prevailed at the time of Catholic europhiles like Schumann and Adenauer, they have long disappeared. The Old Continent is no longer receptive to the Faith. The Social Gospel has done the devil's work, snatching faith, hope and charity "away from their hearts" [Lk 8:12]. Doubt, cynicism and philanthropy have replaced the theological virtues, cementing power and profit as the Brussellian bedrock of post-Christian Europe. Thus, even qualified papal/episcopal endorsements of the EU only serve to harness Church prestige and resources to alien ends.

Ten years after that commentary, a craven Irish hierarchy sold out their flock and motherland: supporting a "Yes" vote during the second (October 2009) Lisbon Treaty referendum, in return for promised negotiations – "structured dialogue" – with blasphemous Brussels. This, of course, will be a very one-sided conversation. The European Parliament routinely disregards amendments tabled by the European Bishops. In 2007, for instance, all the episcopal amendments aimed at safeguarding fundamental ethical principles in the Regulation on Advanced Therapies were rejected, including: the principle of non-commercialisation of the human body and its parts; the prohibition of germ line interventions, which may affect future generations; and a ban on EU authorisation of potential future products using hybrids or embryonic chimeras.

The Irish complicity was even more astounding in light of the fact that just four days before the second referendum, Cardinal Seán Brady was busy recalling the "prophetic sense of anticipation" in John Paul II's address to the people of Ireland in 1979. The pontiff had warned that in the years ahead the country would face "the challenge of remaining faithful in the midst of change [because Ireland] is being challenged in a new way today, for she is not immune to ideologies and trends which present day civilisation and progress carry with them."

Clearly, John Paul's prophecy is manifested in the "progressive" ideologies and trends of the EU. Just as the Lisbon Treaty referendum was obviously a providential opportunity for "remaining faithful" to Christ by voting "No" to more of the same godless agenda. That the Irish bishops did not see things that way is Sister Lucy's "diabolic disorientation" writ large! What else can explain Irish episcopal spokesman Bishop Noel Treanor's insistence that "There are no grounds to justify a 'No' vote on the Lisbon treaty on the basis of specifically religious or ethical concerns"?! A statement which completely ignores the exponential encroachment of aggressively anti-Christian EU Institutions into national affairs; not just in Europe but worldwide.

Now "the primary engine of radicalism" at the United Nations, as attested by the UN-based pro-life group C-FAM, these myriad EU Institutions are "pursuing a regime of 'moral regulation'." A 2008 research paper on the EU social agenda by scholar Maciej Golubiewski catalogues a range of controversial programmes and policies that are sponsored by the EU far beyond its mandate, such as: competitions and publicity campaigns aimed at "influencing national norms surrounding the notions of family, appropriate sexual behaviour, and even church-state relations," bureaucratic promotion of reproductive rights encompassing abortion, criticism of pro-life views, anti-religious educational programs aimed at youth, and funding of NGOs that explicitly advocate the legalization of abortion.

Golubiewski argues that this pursuit of "moral regulation" has been able to take hold because of the misplaced assumption that state sovereignty is protected by the EU framework and treaty provisions. If so, then Bishop Treanor and Cardinal Brady embody such wrongheadedness. Even as the Golubiewski study was vindicating the eminently sensible and faithful decision of the Irish electorate in the first (June 2008) Lisbon Treaty referendum, Brady was urging them to reconsider their "No" vote! Sixteen months later, preferring his clueless counsel to the "prophetic warning" of Christ's Vicar thirty years before, they threw in the towel and embraced greater servitude.

Many are infuriated and/or mystified by this airy dismissal of national electorates by the Brussels establishment: the insistence that ratification votes must continue for treaties which the people have made clear that they do not want (in France, Holland and Ireland, voters rejected the European Constitution by margins of 55%, 62% and 53% respectively). In A Throne in Brussels [2005], journalist Paul Belien argues that rather than Belgium becoming more European as the EU has strengthened, the European Union is becoming more Belgian. As with that artificially constructed and soulless country, says Belien, a European state is being constructed with limited democratic credentials, no basis in actual national feeling (ergo no moral credentials), and is operating on the basis of bribery, namely in the form of subsidies. Belien points out that riding roughshod over the actual, expressed aspirations of the people has been standard procedure in Brussels since Leopold I.

This unholy pedigree would explain a lot about the arrogance, tipping into born-to-rule delirium, that defines the eurocrats (and all the quisling "regional" politicians, like those at Westminster, who defer to them). And also why the EU is now a lucrative safe-haven for every political chancer in Europe; the most deceitful and corrupt institution in the West bar none, including the UN.

Clearly not fit for purpose and beyond any measure of reform, its own auditors have just refused to sign off its accounts for the 16th consecutive year, citing the usual litany of corrupt practices. This time around the waste and fraud amounted to £4 billion – officially. Although this represents a whopping 5% of the EU budget, a truly independent audit of the notorious EU gravy train would reveal much higher figures still. But it will never happen. Martha Andreasen, for several years the EU’s chief accountant in Brussels, was sacked by Neil Kinnock when she began speaking out about the corrupt accounting methods and the wasted billions.

Fascistic Advance

The criminal waste will go on and on, therefore, until the EU implodes. And since a one-size-fits-all Belgianised federation is unattainable and unsustainable except by lawyers, guns and money – i.e., force of arms and coercive law and economics – it is a sure recipe for violent reaction. So unless the 2 trillion euro debt time bomb which Spain, Greece and Portugal have set ticking does the job first (setting off, in league with Ireland, a "contagion" effect "like ebola," as the Secretary General of the OECD said last April), a future civil war will surely finish off Monnet's utopian dream.

Until that day, which will only benefit the power-elite behind the scenes who always profit from wars and human misery, it remains a very expensive business for taxpayers, who are forced to fund their own demise. The EU Industry Commissioner Gunter Verheugen conceded in 2006 that European laws were costing business £405 billion a year. That figure represents 5.5 per cent of total annual wealth generated in the EU. It is the equivalent of losing the entire output of a country like the Netherlands every year. Little wonder that a poll of 1,000 British Chief Executives in October 2006 found that a majority felt the costs of EU regulation outweighed the benefits that the EU's single market provided for their company.

One hastens to ask these captains of industry: why pay the massive EU membership fees at all (£7 billion net this year, rising to £10 billion in 2012/13) when 60% of UK trade is with countries outside Europe? In fact, why not repeal the European Communities Act of 1972, leave the EU, save your money, regain your sovereignty and freedom, and flourish outside the EU as master of your own house, like Switzerland and Norway?

The simple answer, of course, is that unlike those two countries (the European states now coping best with the recession!), the UK electorate is forever ignored and betrayed by their own europhile leaders, Left and Right, who act like bourgeois masters dictating to the lumpenproletariat. In its new booklet, A House Divided [see advert p. 68], Campaign for an Independent Britain points out that

You now have to be 53 years of age to have been eligible to have taken part in the 1975 referendum [on free trade in the Common Market] and so there are millions of British people who have never had a specific vote on the European project.

A "project" that has since mutated into the European Economic Community, then the Economic Community, and now a European Union which, through the coming into force of the Lisbon Treaty on 1 December 2009, "is constitutionally separate from and superior to its Member States, just as the USA is separate from and superior to its 50 constituent states, or Federal Germany is in relation to its Länder."

This new constitutional reality makes a mockery of a recently proposed (loophole-ridden) Westminster Bill which is seeking to ensure a referendum whenever future EU treaties transfer power from the UK to the EU. Talk about too little, 50 years too late!

The Lisbon Treaty has gifted the EU frightening additional reach and confidence. Thus, emboldened, the (unelected) EU President Hermann Van Rompuy declared last month: "The time of the homogenous nation state is over." Jawohl! His rant echoed Goebbels, who once declared that "In 50 years' time, people will no longer think in terms of countries... once England is overthrown, the Axis powers will not permit any change in the situation of a Europe re-organised with great political, economic and social ideas."

Of course it is not so big a deal for Van Rompuy's native Belgium; it's only existed since 1831! But as Daniel Johnson remarked, "History teaches us that nation states have always been the best guarantors of liberty, democracy, prosperity and the rule of law."

Undeterred by bothersome history lessons, Van Rompuy is determined "to fight the danger of a new Euro-scepticism." This recalls Ruiz Jarabo Colmer, Advocate General of the EU Court of Justice, who offered this chilling opinion on 19 October 2000:

"Criticism of the EU is akin to blasphemy and can be restricted without affecting freedom of speech" (Case c-274/99).

A House Divided [AHD] relates this comment along with reminders that "A 16 page document has already been issued, telling the EU press corps how it should and should not report the EU." Currently shelved awaiting reactivation, over time "it could well become impossible to operate as a journalist without an EU press card. The Commission also aspires to control the Internet, websites and blogging. The Court of First Instance has previously ruled that 'the EU may restrict political speech to protect its interests'."

In the same spooky vein, "the EU parliament voted [in 1999] to accept a legal code called 'Corpus Juris' (Body of Law). This provided for a European Public Prosecutor with the right to arrest people without charge and take them anywhere within the EU. The Prosecutor can keep people locked up in 'investigative custody' for an infinitely renewable sequence of 12 week periods, subject to review by an official with the rather Orwellian title 'Judge of Freedoms.' The accused does not have to appear in open court, so Habeas Corpus is abolished. If the Prosecutor does bring someone to trial there will be no jury. If the accused is found not guilty, the Prosecutor can appeal against acquittal. There is no rule against double jeopardy."

AHD explains that even a judge or prosecutor in states acknowledged by the EU Commission to be notably corrupt can issue an arrest warrant for anyone in Britain. "No prima facie evidence is needed and the offence does not need to be an offence under British law nor committed on the territory of the state making the accusation. The Lisbon Treaty contains provision for the European Public Prosecutor." The British government currently has an opt out from accepting his authority, but for the time being "it is not obligated to consult Parliament before changing its mind."

The European Arrest Warrant [EAW] is a measure of where this is heading. Last year more than 1,000 Britons were arrested and 'exported' for trial abroad on the orders of European prosecutors. If that is not shocking enough, they had no right to ask a British judge to test the case against them, despite many spurious charges! In August, for example, the Daily Mail reported that "warrants were used to deport five young men to Greece on flimsy-looking assault charges dating back to a holiday two years ago. The men faced up to 18 months in a Greek jail awaiting trial. Authorities subsequently allowed them to return to Britain in return for £30,000 bail posted by their [hard-pressed but frantic] parents."

The word "flimsy" scarcely describes the non-case against these men. And although assault is a serious matter, warrants have been issued for trifling misdemeanors (e.g. not paying parking or library fines) by countries where "rough justice" routinely passes for actual justice. We have also previously cited the outrageous use of the EAW by German authorities to arrest an Australian passing through England (for Holocaust-denial)!

In short, this quintessentially fascist development is everyone's worst nightmare - and it's just warming up. The use of the European Arrest Warrant has rocketed by 50 per cent in twelve months. According to the Mail, "In the first year the warrants were in force, only 24 people were sent from Britain to face trial in Europe. In the year to April [2010], this had grown to 1,032, up from 689 in the previous year." Even former Home Office Secretary David Blunkett, who agreed to the EAW in 2004, has now admitted, "I was insufficiently sensitive to how it might be used." Culpably naive and cowardly, might be a more honest self-assessment.

Faceless Powers and Rumours of War

The likes of the EAW, the European Public Prosecutor and the "Judge of Freedoms" are now putting a sinister face to the erstwhile facelessness upon which the EU has relied to further its nihilistic agenda by stealth. This grand Machiavellian deceit, pursued since the days of Jean Monnet, was proudly spelt out by the Vice President of the European Constitutional Convention (and former Italian Prime Minister) Giuliano Amato:

["Amato] said that however daring a political project might be... it must be hidden, camouflaged. One must act 'as if' in Europe. 'As if' one wanted a very few things in order to obtain a great deal. 'As if' nations were to remain sovereign in order to convince them to surrender their sovereignty. The Commission in Brussels, for example, must act 'as if' it were a technical organ in order to operate like a government.

He said that sovereignty lost on a national level does not pass to any new individual. It is entrusted to a faceless entity... eventually the EU. The [European] Union is the vanguard of this changing world... The new entity is faceless and those in command can neither be identified nor elected. As a matter of fact the metamorphosis is already here. All we need are a few corrections here and ther along with great deal of cunning..."

Quoted in A House Divided from an article in La Stampa of 13 July 2000, Amato's interview with Barbara Spinelli was headed, "Europe does not need a sovereign." A title that speaks not only to the faceless clowns in Brussels but the faceless Enlightenment forces behind them: the "capitali anonimi che schiavizzano l'uomo" [anonymous financial interests which enslave man] denounced by the Holy Father at the opening of the Synod for the Middle East in October. Implacable foes of Christ the King, they supplant His hierarchical Christian order with pyramidical Masonic disorder.

These are the cruel powers behind impossibly complex financial "derivatives" (successfully designed to collapse the world economy), and the price of oil (which they set in direct relation to the cost of the dollar, devalued through their "derivative"-led banking crisis, with a view to bankrupting the OPEC countries). They are also planning for war with Iran in the very near future whether Israel ignites it or not (a conflict from which they have, as usual, everything to gain).

How do I know all that? Quite simply because an anonymous elderly member of this elite cartel, now beyond caring about who knows of their scheming and self-enrichment, related these and other plans to his friend the Rev. Lindsey Williams, urging him to let everyone know. In early 2010, the Reverend did so during an interview on Radio Liberty, as he has done before whenever information has been passed to him by this reptilian gentleman and other members of the world elite he befriended during his three year stint as chaplain on the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline.

For example: In November 2009 one of Dubai's state-owned holding firms, Dubai World, flabbergasted everyone by threatening to default on its gargantuan debt (involving $59 billion of the United Arab Emirates' total debt of $80billion). Eighteen months earlier, Williams had publicly detailed the aggressive plan of this elite to manipulate the price of crude oil in order to bankrupt OPEC countries. He was derided on both counts: for the specific and drastic change in the price of oil he stated, and for suggesting that the wealthiest people on earth could be so damaged. Yet the precise change in oil price and the Dubai World crash happened on schedule, as have other plans he was given free rein to reveal.

Rev. Williams' eye-opening explanation of these plans and the unusual ways in which the elite go about reaching their goals can be heard in five fascinating parts online. (1) But the point here is that the conspiratorial antics of these same powers not only dictate day to day European life as elsewhere (e.g., the shocking increase in the general standard of living – cost of domestic heating, jet fuel, food prices etc.), they will doubtless have a major say in whether the euro collapses and brings the EU down with it.

"If the euro fails, then the EU is at stake – hopefully," ran the cheeky headline of one newspaper columnist on 17 November, expressing the hope of all true patriots. Despite the considerable cost and pain involved, that eventuality would certainly be a more welcome means of restoring sovereignty and self-determination to the states of Europe than civil war. (As Melanie Phillips recently queried in relation to European judges giving British prisoners the right to vote in general elections, despite both Parties trying for six years to extricate Britain from the EU ruling: "What's the point of any of us having the right to vote, when the government we thus elect is overruled by a bunch of judges in a foreign court?")

On the other hand, it may well suit the gnostic elite to continue on with godless EU centralisation and control through farcical puppets like Mr Van Rompuy and the equally risible Labour stooge "Baroness" Ashton, the (unelected) EU Foreign Minster (aka "High Representative"). This seems more likely, being the model of global governance – i.e., dictatorship by other (faceless) means – preferred by the population controllers and cullers: the Rockefellers and their sidekicks like Kissinger.

How well the Iron Law of "Christmas creep" serves these creepy totalitarians: "the rulers of the world of this darkness" who foment "wickedness in the high places" [Eph. 6:12]. As the Western retreat from the radiance of Bethlehem darkens minds, hearts and entire continents, slavery of one type or another inevitably follows. The Truth which sets man free becomes a distant memory. The dictum of St. Nicholas von Flüe, the 15th century patron saint of Switzerland says it all: what the soul is to the body, Christ is to the State. When the soul leaves the body, the body falls apart. When Christ is driven from the State, the State is doomed to ruin. As I explained elsewhere:

According to St. Nicholas, for the State to remain peaceful and prosperous it must be united, free, independent, defended and, above all else, Christian. Freedom is a priceless possession that must be guarded and disciplined by the principles of the Gospel and thus true freedom, prosperity and peace are given permanently only when society is Christian and Catholic. Or as St. Pius X put it to the bishops of France in 1910: "there is no true civilisation without a moral civilisation, and there is no true moral civilisation without the true religion." At the same time, even a true moral civilisation is not that heavenly home of abiding contentment in the life of God for which the human soul must ever strive. So any attempt to construct a worldly utopia is essentially a diabolic perversion of the truth about man and thus a recipe for hell on earth ["A Patron Saint for Eurosceptics: Brother Klaus against the New World Order," CO, Oct. 1999].

Ignoring the enlightened counsel of St. Pius X, the lights of Europe were extinguished within several years of his above affirmation. World War I broke out and his successor, Benedict XV, was suddenly weeping over "the suicide of the civilized world." A century on, are we about to conclude that unfinished business?

Like Pope Benedict, German geopolitical analyst Heberhard Hamer believes that the repeated 20th century temptation to escape an economic crisis through war is back, signalled by multiple factors, not least the 200,000 US soldiers involved in a variety of conflicts around the world, the accompanying Iran-Israel stand-off, and the fact that America is imploding economically just as Russia did twenty years ago. The U.S. is not only the most indebted country in the world, the collapse of its currency also means the end of its global dominance its empire.

"If Israel strikes [Iran], therefore, the President of the United States will find himself faced with a desperate dilemma," says Hamer. "Whether to continue sinking in the shifting sands of social, financial and economic crisis or look for salvation in a world war, which twice already has allowed the United States to emerge as winners" [quoted in Correspondance européene, May 2010].

The pessimism that shrouded the recent G20 economic summit of rich and emerging economies in Seoul cast further shadows. "Concerns about trade gaps, protectionism and a currency war threatened to overtake momentum for forming global solutions to the financial crisis created at last year's London summit." The Brazilian President warned that if the rich countries concentrate on exports and don't consume, "the world goes bankrupt because there would be no one to buy" [AP, 12/11/10].

Faith, Prayer and Perseverance

Wars and rumours of wars rumble on as the worldlings flee from the Prince of Peace, enticed by the prince of this world and his shadowy minions. The gadarene exodus from Bethlehem quickens; the gaudy tinsel of Sodom beckons.

It is the most vicious of downward spirals: lacking knowledge of the Divine Child the worldlings have no faith, and without faith they cannot pray, which robs them of hope. Hence they are deeply fearful of the flickering shadows of uncertainty. And fear makes them cruel and willing citizens of the Culture of Death. This is why Catholics must stand firm in Bethlehem, beside the manger, giving counter-cultural witness to the Incarnation of the true Faith. Since without this faith – the glue that holds the world together – we too are lost. In his commentary on the parable of the unjust judge [Lk 18:1-8], Augustine confirms that "we must believe in order to pray; and we must ask God that the faith enabling us to pray may not fail. Faith gives rise to prayer, and this prayer obtains an increase of faith."

Christ used that parable to stress the fundamental need for perseverance: the necessity "to pray always without becoming weary." For thirty long years, as He "advanced in wisdom, and age, and grace with God and men" [Lk 2:51-52], He had shown the prayerful way. Now He exhorted the people to do likewise, to "never lose heart," even while asking them if the Son of Man, when He comes, "will find faith on earth?" It is in our own interests to make sure He does, explains St. Augustine, for "if a man [the unjust judge] can grant a request even when it is odious to him to be asked, how can we be refused by the one who urges us to ask?"

Let us not, therefore, stand cowed and mute before the powers of darkness while they blot out the Light of the World and make man "prisoner to the law of sin" [Rom. 7:23]. Rather, let us appeal for unwavering faith so we may pray unceasingly for all the heavenly help and protection we need; not least for immunity against affluenza! "The dissatisfaction that accompanies consumerism as a path to happiness" [Macquarie dictionary], the affluenza pandemic exemplifies the Iron Law as God's Wrath. It has brought the "Celtic Tiger" – once holy Eire – to its ungodly knees.

Let us also incense our prayers with the greatest confidence, since God "enjoys bringing good from evil. Even at the most depressing times," insists Cardinal Biffi, "the faithful people can always look up and pray with a serene mind, and hope." The conversion stories which follow are proof of that divine grace at work in our evil day.

Finally, apocalyptic times require Noah-like fervour: "Let me not perish with sinners, my Saviour," pleaded the great Patriarch, "for already I see chaos swamping creation and the elements shaken with fear... The clouds are ready, the sky stormy, angels run before your wrath. Save all humankind from wrath in the love you have for us, O Redeemer of the world." It was because mankind had persisted in its hardness of heart instead of hastening to cry out with Noah that the heavens opened and God's righteous anger was unleashed. But He protected the faithful, prayerful Noah, together with his sons and their wives, sealing them in the Ark: prefiguring the safe haven of His Holy Catholic Church, the Ark of Salvation.

And when the deluge eventually stopped, the waters abated and the dove Noah had released returned in the evening with the olive branch in its beak, symbolically announcing God's mercy. For those who keep the Faith and persevere with confidence, in zealous prayer, there is always a merciful response. It may be long in coming, but like the promised "Light that enlightens every man who comes into the world" [Jn1:9] it will come – when we least expect it:

When the Angels appeared to the shepherds, it was a sudden appearance – "Suddenly there was with the Angel a multitude of the heavenly host" (Lk 2,13). How wonderful a sight! The night had before that seemed just like any other night – they were keeping watch over their sheep; they were watching the night as it passed. The stars moved on, – it was midnight. They had no idea of such a thing when the Angel appeared. Such are the power and virtue hidden in things which are seen, and at God's will they are manifested" [Blessed Newman].

Deo gratias! Hallelujah!




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