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May 2005

Fighting Fund 2005


With each passing month, the crying need for the likes of Christian Order - or more precisely, its independence - is ever more apparent. The dawn of a new pontificate only accentuates the fact.

A grass-roots apostolate whose survival over a 45 year period is nothing short of a minor miracle, CO has provided a steady reference point and safe-haven for besieged and abandoned Catholics in Britain and dozens of countries worldwide. In that time, with notable exceptions, pride and worldliness, especially among clerics and Religious, have overwhelmingly replaced humble submission to absolute Truth and the demands of holiness as the foundations of Catholic life, ushering in historic levels of spiritual death and decay.

While the faithful are blessed to suffer with Christ this internal persecution of His Mystical Body, they are just as surely called to support, prayerfully and financially, those ‘voices crying in the wilderness’ against institutionalised corruption.

In comparison with the Modernist monolith, of course, CO’s ‘voice’ is a small one. The so-called "liberal Catholics" – decried by Leo XIII as "the worst enemies of the Church" [Humanum Genus, 1884] - now infest every ecclesiastical nook and cranny; their Liberalism having corrupted orthodox thought and praxis while largely transforming the Western Church into their own dissolute image and likeness. Yet amid this devastation of the Lord’s vineyard, to which our next Holy Father must turn his full and undivided attention, we have always punched above our weight. A case in point being our recent critique of the bishops’ aid agency CAFOD, whose

shameless dissident pedigree finally, inevitably, exploded into news headlines via the shocking CAFODGATE and condomania scandals of recent times.

This exposé, which merely tied together notorious matters of public record, sparked a righteous national boycott and helped facilitate the reported split within episcopal ranks over CAFOD’s condom policy as regards AIDS-HIV prevention.

It was only our independent status that allowed us to elicit this response and bring the insufferably smug and incestuous ecclesiastical Establishment to account, drawing furious and spurious reactions from the bishops and their functionaries.

This backlash was to be expected. You see, in the cloistered Modernist world where Truth is tailored to one’s desires, rather than one’s desires to Truth; where black is white depending on your fancy; where you live in a suffocating dissident circle which reigns supreme in a dissident local Church cut off from the oxygen of Catholic orthodoxy - in such a world direct and rational criticism is received with all the knowledge, understanding and maturity of a two-year-old tossing his dummy from the pram.

Indeed, the homosexual lobby, who with the radical feminist clique increasingly dictate the episcopal agenda, has raised its impious head, railing against the allegedly "deceitful" allegation that its condomanic CAFOD soulmate dissents from Church teaching! Moreover, for denouncing proud and open dissidence they accuse CO of "vicious libel"!

This (libellous?) charge emanated from a homosexual group so "diabolically disoriented" that their episcopally tolerated/sanctioned ‘liturgies’ feature proclamations like this:

"We rejoice in the call with which [God] challenge[s] us: proudly to discover the presence of Christ throughout our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered communities; proudly to celebrate in Word and Sacrament the created design of our sexuality."

To faithful Catholics, this rebellion against Catholic moral teaching - blasphemously mouthed within God’s Holy Sanctuary – might also appear "vicious". Yet surely any viciousness lies not with these deluded souls but those prelates who foster or tolerate their false and tragic hopes. Never mind the episcopate’s loss of faith, many of our bishops have lost all sense of moral duty and reason itself. It is one thing them imperilling their own salvation, but dragging down others in this way, by commission or omission, is an unspeakable act, as John Paul II himself declared to those cruel episcopal dissidents fuelling false hopes about the ‘women priests’ fantasy.

Of course, our local episcopate appear so feminised and compromised that its kowtowing to bossy she-devils and heterophobic homos is now scandalously de rigueur. In particular, the Lavender Mafia, both here and abroad, is unfinished papal

business which the new pontiff must address post-haste.

In the meantime, if effete, politically correct prelates will not judge and condemn such grave-diggers of the Church, preferring to give them free rein instead, CO will continue to do their job for them: since judgement and rebuke properly understood, as David Lightfoot explains, is at once a Christian duty, spiritual work of mercy and supreme act of charity.

So, as we let things settle after the media stampede and tidal wave of emotion and admiration provoked by the Holy Father’s demise, and while we pray for the repose of his soul and a reforming successor to rival St. Pius’ V and X, it’s CO business as

usual. We revisit herein two interconnected issues, both of which engendered debilitating ecclesiastical scandals during the last pontificate and are gathering ferocious momentum as we move into the next: namely, the homosexual honeycombing of the Church and the whole AIDS/condoms/sex-ed nexus.

Exemplifying the episcopate’s worldwide complicity in this interrelated push is one Keith Michael Cardinal O’Brien of Edinburgh. If John Paul ‘The Great’ is a title set to run and run as a subject of legitimate debate, there is surely no doubt in the Vatican about Keith Michael ‘The Great Mistake!’; one whose elevation they must sorely regret.

In late March, Bishop Joseph Devine of Motherwell had stated, plainly and truthfully, that employing homosexual teachers in Catholic schools would "cut across the whole moral vision enshrined in the charter [of Catholic schools] and would be incompatible with Catholic social teaching." On cue, the dissident Cardinal contradicted his Scottish brother and spat on the teachings of the very pontiff whose life he was to eulogise with ‘John Paul II We Love You’ relish only a week later. "If there happens to be a gay teacher and he does happen to be living with a partner," he said, "that’s their personal, private life. I don’t see it as a problem."

This is emblematic of what awaits the next Pope: episcopal pride and rebellion with a smiley face - the Church Grinning.

Yet we cannot survive to righteously judge, protest and correct such heinous treachery on your behalf without your continued generosity. Running costs mount relentlessly and we are always desperate for funds.

So, I simply and urgently ask our magnificent readership and all web browsers who enjoy and benefit from our posting of CO articles online, please, to help see CO through another year of its unique service to the Church by contributing whatever you can to the 2005 Fighting Fund!

Donations may be sent in any currency to:

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