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February 1999



It is a measure of the cold-blooded, ideological mindset Irish politicians and bureaucrats have imbibed from International Planned Parenthood and its local Family Planning affiliates - their advisors on social and sexual mores - that despite its allegedly over-stretched budget the Department of Education can still find £3 million to invest in a sex-ed programme for infants! In Ireland, teachers have been laid off, class sizes are burgeoning and some schools are deprived of basic amenities. Yet when it comes to destroying innocence - no matter the catastrophic outcome of such destruction in countries the world over - money, suddenly, is no object. That is diabolic – quite the apposite word to describe this remorseless pursuit of a gratuitously evil end by those enslaved and driven by the contraceptive mentality: adults who have lost all sense of the meaning and value of modesty, innocence and purity; who, in fact, hate chastity no less than poverty.

In its desire to engineer Irish children who are "knowing," the Department has brooked no argument or restraint. Bulldozing through the implementation of its Relationships and Sexuality Education [RSE] programme, which is intended to envelop every Irish schoolchild from the age of four, it has furiously funded the indoctrination of primary teachers through extensive sex-ed training and swamped the country with full-time facilitators to ‘educate’ parents.

Such manic desire to lower children into the same black pit of unchastity occupied by the world at large, is, with abortion, perhaps the most brutalising effect of that "sexual addiction" which Archbishop Chaput claims is "killing us as a people" [CO, November 1998]. For classroom sex-ed brutalises and corrupts everyone involved – starting with the teachers and pupils and filtering down to the home and society. Yet it is now so pervasive that even many otherwise commendable Catholic individuals and organisations, in attempting to harness and transform sex-ed into something "good," have managed to overlook the essential moral flaws of public sex education outlined by Pius XI in Divini Illius Magistri, which render it impossible to adapt or fine-tune in any acceptable Catholic way whatsoever. And this, as Pope Pius indicates, applies just as much to those programmes which actively involve parents in the process – especially where such parent-friendly courses (e.g. explicit NFP-based programmes) involve "instruction" during the years of innocence.

Perhaps disoriented by the sex-addicted culture that surrounds them or compromised by its shocking impact on the ranks of their own clergy, Catholic Shepherds have also ignored Pope Pius XI’s clear and authoritative prohibition against classroom sex-ed. They have convinced themselves, for whatever reasons, that if provided under Catholic auspices it will be given in the "right way." Like their British brothers, the Irish Bishops have adopted this view. But not only have they, too, refused to banish classroom sex-ed from their schools, they have now teamed-up with the Irish government to promote and develop it! Whatever good they may think they have done in taking this decision, by making common cause with those "seeking to remove all inhibitions which have been instilled in the child by 2,000 years of civilised growth," these Bishops have actually set in motion an unprecedented assault against their own flock and the Irish nation.

That the Irish Episcopate has refused to learn from the social breakdown of other Western societies simply beggars belief. Perhaps they should consider this snapshot of Ireland’s future under RSE, provided back in 1970 by Dr. Louise Eickhoff, a British adult and child psychiatrist who spoke of the hundreds of cases in her files showing the emotional harm, often very serious harm, done to children exposed to classroom sex-education programmes. She wrote:

"I first began to notice the correlation between these disturbed children and the fact that they had all been exposed to early compulsory sex education in schools after the last war… We are not educating our children. We are corrupting them…."

There is the tragic future of Ireland under RSE in a nutshell; a dysfunctional, unchaste society. The empirical evidence merely confirms the age-old wisdom of Holy Mother Church, as articulated by Pius XI. If such facts, Church teachings and reminders of the meaning and value of purity and innocence - offered in this edition - are of no interest to the Irish Bishops, they might at least serve to wake up some Irish parents before they totally acquiesce in RSE, corrupt their children and ruin their country.

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