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Christian Order is a British international monthly devoted to the defence and propagation of the One True Faith - Catholic, Apostolic and Roman - through incisive comment on current affairs in Church and State; at home and abroad.


The hierarchical 'list to the left' under the Barque of Francis is gratefully received by a flock steeped in sin and stripped of its Catholic persona. With all parties happily compromised, complicit CINOs the world over continue to receive Holy Communion from acquiescent bishops and clergy; all blithely contributing to the Consistent Death Ethic killing off the West.


Dear General Morrison

With “Gay Mardi Gras” participants having just repeated their annual acting out on the streets of Sydney, on behalf of our Australian and international Catholic readership I wish to protest in the strongest possible terms against:

  1. the involvement of members of the Army in this event, and
  2. their involvement in full uniform.
May Bonus Feature  “I KNOW NOT THE MAN”: 1

There has come into existence a very erroneous opinion which, ironically, is shared by both liberal Catholics and most Traditionalists. They believe that there is a radical bifurcation separating the Pontificates of Benedict XVI and Francis. It will be my purpose here to prove this is a profoundly superficial view, and that the Papacy of Pope Francis is simply the logical and fully “natural” development of the philosophical and theological positions of Pope Benedict.

June-July Editorial  THE KASPER APOSTASY

Every corrupting item on the liberal laundry list — being ticked off one by one en route to the Broad Church of apostate dreams — derives from the denial of the Divinity of Christ, and consequent rejection of the authority He delegated to His Church. It is the key to Pandora's Box. The unleashing of the Social Gospel and every heterodoxy, heresy and perversion. Hence the inclusion of sodomy in the Vatican survey sent out to dioceses worldwide in preparation for the October Synod.


In the recent months, Pope Francis has stated repeatedly that one should have more mercy with those Catholics who are divorced and remarried civilly. In this essay, I would like to make an argument in favour of a stricter dealing with this matter, rather than a more lenient one, especially for the sake of the children who cannot defend themselves and who are affected by their parents' decision throughout their whole lifetime: yes, even until their death. How many of these children may ask at some point in their lives: “Why did my parents not love me enough to stay together and thereby to stay with me?”

June-July Bonus Feature  “I KNOW NOT THE MAN”:2

By “arts entirely new”, the Deposit of Faith has at the same time been both retained and dethroned. It has been retained as a confession of faith necessary in order to effect union among the faithful, while having been rejected as containing immutable Truth. And since it is no longer seen as containing the Life of Christ which is the light of men, then it need not be taught or preached. It can be affirmed on occasions when one’s Catholicity is challenged, while being relegated to the background at all other times. It can be affirmed in principle (in “confession”) while at the same time being denied in practice. It justifies silence towards Catholic Truth while claiming that this is an act of prudence, and of mercy to the poor. Such are the “arts entirely new” which constitute the Pharisaism of our time.



Heavenly Father, we ask Thy blessing on our efforts. Show us the way to spread the Truth of the Catholic faith in the midst of error and infidelity. Fill our hearts with authentic love for our priests, bishops, pope and all the clergy, a love that moves us to unceasing prayer for their souls and to constant exhortation to faithfully fulfill their sacred task of preaching the whole truth of the Catholic faith without compromise. Grant us wisdom in our deliberations, courage in exposing error and corruption, and humility and charity in all the things we do. Bless our Holy Father with the wisdom and holiness to discern and carry out Thy Will, and the loyalty and fidelity of bishops, priests and all Religious in helping him carry out this task. May Thy will be done in all things.

We ask this through the intercession of our Holy Mother Mary.